An Argument For Gold Digging

by: Dongpyo Hong

Q. Which of the following brides feel the highest level of satisfaction on their wedding days?

A. a bride who is seeking love

B. a bride, who is seeking money, marrying a rich guy

C. an abandoned bride at the altar

D. marriage is a trap!

A. B

jackie chan but why

Explanation:  Statistics proves that a bride, who is seeking money and marrying a rich guy tends to feel the highest level of satisfaction, at least at the very moment of wedding day, because her main goal was achieved.  This shows that money actually can buy happiness, at least for a period of time.

In this paper, we will learn why we choose to marry.

Of course there are lots of factors why we marry such as…

social norms





Hmm… maybe not so much of love!

My point of writing this paper is not to tell people that money is the only factor of marrying, but it is not as bad as it sounds. According to our social norm, being money oriented is not a good thing. We even have a word for that: a gold-digger!

No body likes gold diggers, but from my perspective, gold diggers are not that bad. The only bad thing is the framing. Framing is such a strong tool that can give either positive or negative impression on the same word. I can reframe gold-digger as win-win, give and take, reasoning, or many others. People marry for love, but there are other factors such as financial benefit and financial benefit, and ….  more financial benefits.

women's median annual earnings

Even though gender discrepancy of salary is diminishing, women still don’t make as much as males do. If you are a mediocre woman who makes about 80% of mediocre man, your life will be 25% more difficult than it should be. Males make more money, and money buys happiness Period

But I don’t think low of any woman who marry for money because it is a win-win situation. Men are not that dumb to freely give-away their hard-earned money. (There is a reason why males get paid more!) Also, I don’t think low of any men who marry because their fiancé is very hot. It is just how human being is designed.

an argument for gold digging

In evolution perspective, males prefer young and healthier female who can give birth to their kids. There is nothing wrong with males wanting younger females in that sense. Also, it is proven that younger females tend to give healthier babies compare to old females.

So I am trying to tell that marrying for money is not a bad thing. It is actually very honest and efficient way of being happy. It helps mediocre female’s financial situation to some level, and mediocre males can get the most desirable female whp would give healthy babies.

If you are still persistent that love is the biggest and the only reason to marry, you should ask your parents if they love each others. If the answer is no, I hope you to ask why they are still together!

money can buy happiness

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