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An Argument For Gold Digging

an argument for gold digging

by: Dongpyo Hong Q. Which of the following brides feel the highest level of satisfaction on their wedding days? A. a bride who is seeking love B. a bride, who is seeking money, marrying a rich guy C. an abandoned bride at the altar D. marriage is a trap! A. B Explanation:  Statistics proves that a […]

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Wedding Makeup Preparation Checklist 2017


by: Liliana Adler A wedding is a day you and your family will never forget. From photos, gifts and other memorabilia, your wedding is something that will always be the greatest day of your life. As it will be so memorable, you want to make sure you look stunning throughout the whole day and in every […]

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Amazing Wedding Stories – Lauren & Kale

cutting the cake

by: Lauren Thomas My husband, Kale, and I met in middle school. We were best friends through freshman and sophomore year, then fell in love around our junior year of high school. By the time we started to plan our futures, it was clear that we both wanted one together. The problem was, our mutual […]

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Metal Ring Alternatives

SOLEED Rings Wooden Wedding Band For Men and Women, 6mm Natural Olive Wood Ring, Comfort Fit Design, Domed Top

by: William Slater Kirk The trouble with rings is, they’re shiny. They catch your eye with shimmering brilliance and command attention. This is typically considered a desirable for most, but some key occupations do not mix well with shiny. Metal has a bad hobbit of conducting electricity. Part of the reason metal is shiny is […]

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Ring – Way To A Girl’s Heart

exchanging promise rings

by: Alyssa Benefield I have never been a jewelry type of girl, I have always seemed to misplace all my jewelry when I wear accessories. It was till I got a ring with much meaning and love that I realized just how much a ring can mean. Meaning And Significance Of A Ring Let me first […]

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What Does Gemology Mean?

Written by: Annie Murray Gemology is the study of gemstone materials.  It is a specialty science that requires great expertise and care for these precious rocks. Gemologists specialize in caring for these materials and analyzing them carefully, often with the help of specific equipment built for the task of examining fine details in gemstones. How […]

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