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Maker Spotlight – Wendy Brandes

wendy brandes middle finger jewelry

As fans of super cool, innovative, and uniquely beautiful jewelry and the artisans who make it, we wanted to take a moment to highlight an award-winning fine jewelry designer, social activist, feminist, and overall badass, who uses her unique and luxurious designs to tell the stories of powerful women of the past – Wendy Brandes. ABOUT/BACKGROUND […]

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Our Guide To Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings


There are a lot of qualities that can factor into making a decision as to which gemstone is best suited for your engagement or wedding band. While some couples prioritize durability and resilience, others find a greater importance is aesthetic appeal – and regardless of which is number one on your list, we understand. Unfortunately, […]

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Our Complete Gemstone Engagement Ring Guide


Gemstones can be confusing, we must admit – mind numbingly so!  With over 130 types of individual jewelry quality gemstones, and a mess of undoubtedly unfamiliar terms, the hunt for picking the ideal stone for your wedding or engagement ring may have left you at a flustered standstill. We find that the easiest way to […]

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Unique Wedding Band Designs For Him And Her


Even if you’ve already decided on the material and polish of your wedding or engagement band, you might be surprised to find out that wedding and engagement rings can be be customized even more!  There is a wide variety of different styles of wedding bands and we have compiled some of our most favorite below. […]

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What Is Feldspar Used For In Jewelry?


Whether or not you know it, you’ve come across Feldspar hundreds of times in your life. Feldspar itself isn’t even a gemstone – it’s an alumina and silica inclusive mineral and holds the title of being the earth’s most abundant mineral! In fact, this mineral makes up approximately 60% of the rocks you see on […]

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