Lauren Vigdor

Lauren Vigdor has extensive experience in the jewelry world and loves helping others find the perfect jewelry for their big day. What are you giving advice on Love You Tomorrow? I’m giving advice for Love You Tomorrow because I am a jewelry designer and artist who loves helping people find unique and gorgeous accessories that speak to them on a personal level. What is your favorite wedding dress designer? I don’t have a favorite wedding dress designer, but I love soft, simple styles and anything unconventional. What is your favorite diamond jeweler? My favorite diamond jeweler is the husband and wife team at MidwinterCo. Their salt and pepper “celestial” diamonds are dreamy and perfectly imperfect, and they donate a portion of their proceeds to charity! What is your advice for someone planning a wedding? My advice for someone planning their wedding would be to plan a day that you will enjoy, not one that necessarily follows what convention says a wedding should look like. The most important thing is to have a great time celebrating with your loved ones.

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