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Your Brown Diamond Buying Guide


The demand for colored diamonds has increased significantly in recent years. Instead of searching for colorless diamonds, people are now actively searching out beautiful colored diamonds. When celebrities set the trend for a colored diamond, the public soon follows suit. While many diamonds are expensive or rare, brown diamonds are still relatively affordable compared to […]

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Your Pink Diamond Buying Guide


When choosing a colored diamond, there’s much to consider from the color itself to whether it’s been treated or natural. There’s also supply and demand to consider. When it comes to pink diamonds, they’re considered one of the rarer diamonds and highly sought-after especially since they are used in engagement rings. This makes them an […]

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Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

princess cut pros and cons

When it comes to diamonds, you have the choice between your classic, traditional, white diamond engagement ring, or you can opt for a truly spectacular coloured diamond engagement ring.  From the links below, you can learn more about the different types of colored diamond engagement ring styles which are available. Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – […]

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