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Inlays For Wooden Wedding Rings, Part 2 – Malachite To Turquoise


When we last left off our first part of our Inlays For Wooden Wedding Rings, we were taking a look at Lapus Lazuli inlays.  Now, we move on to the latter half of the alphabet and dive right into the following beautiful materials: Malachite, Meteorite, Mother Of Pearl, Opal, Ruby, Seaglass, Topaz, and Turquoise. So, without […]

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Ravishing Ruby

ruby wedding engagement ring

Known for their durability and beauty alike, it is not surprising that Ruby is a highly coveted gemstone for wedding and engagement rings. Ruby, the birthstone of July, is mesmerizing in appearance and stable in composure – making it an easy choice for a bride or groom that enjoys glamor but also works with their […]

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