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Types Of Tourmaline Gemstones – Your Complete Guide


Tourmaline is a highly coveted and desirable semi-precious gemstone that comes in an extensive variety of colors and durability. To read more about tourmaline in general, visit our article, “Taken By Tourmaline?”, which offers a comprehensive overview of the stone, and its colors and properties.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at the […]

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Taken By Tourmaline?

Vintage Diamond Tourmaline Wedding Ring White Gold Pink

Tourmaline is a unique stone in its range of colors and cost. It’s moderately durable and requires little special care. Tourmaline is a type of crystal silicate, meaning the different types of tourmaline stones may differ but still contain similar properties. Tourmaline is also October’s birthstone and might be a desired embellishment for a bride […]

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