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Cheap And Affordable Morganite Necklaces From Amazon She’ll Love

cheap affordable morganite necklaces amazon

These are some cheap and really quite affordable Morganite necklaces we found on Amazon that she’ll never know didn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Each necklace or pendant costs approximately 100 dollars or less. This is because they’re often created with simulated Morganite stones that look like the beautiful gems, but don’t cost nearly as much. […]

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Maker Spotlight – Alex and Ani

Carolyn Rafaelian alex and ani

We’re focusing today on Alex and Ani in our Maker’s Spotlight. Alex and Ani is a company that creates beautiful, meaningful jewelry that’s also environmentally friendly and conscious of its impact on the environment. All their jewelry is made in America. The company uses sustainable materials that are gained from eco-conscious material processing. Their business […]

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Meg Leslie’s Ceramic Nature-Inspired Jewelry And Mosaics

meg leslie floral jewelry

As we sometimes do, we recently stumbled on an interesting artist and jewelry designer that we think is worth talking about. Surely, you know how it goes…these things catch you off guard and suddenly you find yourself blabbing about it uncontrollably. In this case, the person we’re going on about is none other than Meg Leslie […]

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Our Favorite Turquoise Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Silver Tone Simulated Turquoise Dangle Fringe Western Southwestern Look Necklace Earring Set

Today, we’re moving on to real and simulated turquoise/green stones for your statement necklace. With statement necklaces, you don’t want to have just one color or style. Mixing it up will ensure that no matter what outfit or color you’re wearing, you’ll have a matching statement piece that can really elevate your style and look. […]

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7 Red Gemstone Statement Necklaces We Adore

Eternal Reconstructed Red Coral and Malachite Stone Handmade Necklace

In our previous guide, we talked about statement necklaces. These type of necklaces can make you feel incredibly confident. While many statement necklaces are large and over-the-top, others are not. This type of jewelry is all about making a statement, whatever that may be to you. Some women like massive necklaces with large baubles, others […]

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What Is A Statement Necklace? A Quick Guide To The Various Types And When To Wear Them

livemaster ru statement necklace

If you love jewelry and want to really show off your own unique style, one way to do so is by wearing what what is called a statement necklace. What does the term “statement necklace” mean?  Simple.  It’s a necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on – that’s the essential definition.  […]

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