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Meg Leslie’s Ceramic Nature-Inspired Jewelry And Mosaics

meg leslie floral jewelry

As we sometimes do, we recently stumbled on an interesting artist and jewelry designer that we think is worth talking about. Surely, you know how it goes…these things catch you off guard and suddenly you find yourself blabbing about it uncontrollably. In this case, the person we’re going on about is none other than Meg Leslie […]

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Our Favorite Turquoise Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Silver Tone Simulated Turquoise Dangle Fringe Western Southwestern Look Necklace Earring Set

Today, we’re moving on to real and simulated turquoise/green stones for your statement necklace. With statement necklaces, you don’t want to have just one color or style. Mixing it up will ensure that no matter what outfit or color you’re wearing, you’ll have a matching statement piece that can really elevate your style and look. […]

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