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Pros and Cons of Rose Gold

rose gold gemstone rings jewelry

Rose gold is one of the strongest golds because it’s mixed with copper. The common mixture that is used to create the pink-reddish color of rose gold is seventy-five percent gold and twenty-five percent copper. While yellow gold can potentially be “pure,” rose gold will never be pure gold because it’s mixed with copper to […]

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Platinum Facts And Information

platinum facts and info

by: Josh Swain Platinum is one of Earth’s rarest metals, and is highly valued among many jewelry and gemology connoisseurs. Here are a few things that you might like to know before making a purchase. Platinum Definition Platinum comes from the Spanish “platina”, or “little silver” it is an incredibly non-reactive metal, meaning that it […]

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Rhodium Information

rhodium properties

by: Samuel Colt Farley Rhodium is a lustrous, silver-white noble metal. It is the rarest and most valuable of the precious metals. Where Does Rhodium Come From? Most rhodium comes from South Africa, where it is extracted from platinum ores along with other precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Due to its […]

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Thorsten Jewelry – Men’s Wedding Bands In A Bold New Style


Today we want to spotlight a company that we’d have our eye on for a while now, due to the beautiful rings they make using more non-traditional materials such as tungsten and titanium, but in a bold new style, and that is Thorsten Jewelry.  Non-Traditional Materials, Unique Designs Everyone from brides and grooms-to-be to ring […]

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Tungsten Information


Tungsten is a durable, strong metal that is used to create rings and other jewelry. Below you’ll find lots of information about tungsten as well as some fun facts about this incredible metal. Definition of Tungsten The origin of the word tungsten comes from the Swedish word meaning heavy stone. It’s a steel-gray material that […]

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Titanium Vs Tungsten Rings And Jewelry


Tungsten carbide, which is often just called tungsten, and titanium are the most popular materials for contemporary jewelry, and, in particular, rings. While some people believe there aren’t many differences between the two metals, there are some definite differences to consider when making your choice between tungsten and titanium. After reading this list, you’ll be […]

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5 Of The Best Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings And Bands For Women


Tungsten carbide wedding rings and bands for women are made of materials that can withstand any amount of abuse a woman can give them. You might want a band that matches his, or one that is simple and elegant. Tungsten bands won’t be ruined by the situations you find yourself involved in from cleaning chemicals […]

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