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The Eco Well – DIY Beauty, Empowerment, Sustainability, and More!

the eco well soap

Today we bring you something very special – a Canadian cosmetic manufacturer called The Eco Well, based out of Ontario, Canada.  They make a selection of products that we think would make great bridal shower gifts, including bathbomb, soap, lip balm, and healing salve. One thing we love about The Eco well is that they are […]

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Love You Tomorrow Scholarship 2017 Winner Announcement

leslie cortez gonzalez

We are happy to announce that the winner of the 2017 Love You Tomorrow $500 Scholarship is Leslie Cortez Gonzalez, who wrote the inspiring post, “Amazing Wedding Stories – Celebrating 50 Years Of Marriage”.  This is a beautiful story about Leslie’s aunt and uncle who recently celebrated the fact that they’ve been together for 50 years […]

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Making A Personal Statement With Unique Rings

by: Sarah Patterson Art. Not just a piece of canvas, a national monument, or only found in museums. Our body is a piece of art both in how we take care of it and embellish it. We have the ability to show our tastes, personality, and priorities through our body art and self-depiction. One of […]

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Amazing Wedding Stories – Lauren & Kale

cutting the cake

by: Lauren Thomas My husband, Kale, and I met in middle school. We were best friends through freshman and sophomore year, then fell in love around our junior year of high school. By the time we started to plan our futures, it was clear that we both wanted one together. The problem was, our mutual […]

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Ring – Way To A Girl’s Heart

exchanging promise rings

by: Alyssa Benefield I have never been a jewelry type of girl, I have always seemed to misplace all my jewelry when I wear accessories. It was till I got a ring with much meaning and love that I realized just how much a ring can mean. Meaning And Significance Of A Ring Let me first […]

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