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Your Red Diamond Buying Guide

red diamond flower

The rarest colored diamonds in the world are red diamonds. The scarcity of these diamonds means that they’re quite expensive in an unmodified, untreated state. While some of the other diamonds like the blue or pink diamonds are considered rare as well, they have famous stones like the Hope Diamond or the Blue Moon, which […]

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Your Pink Diamond Buying Guide


When choosing a colored diamond, there’s much to consider from the color itself to whether it’s been treated or natural. There’s also supply and demand to consider. When it comes to pink diamonds, they’re considered one of the rarer diamonds and highly sought-after especially since they are used in engagement rings. This makes them an […]

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How Are Diamond Carats Priced?


When talking about jewelry, and specifically diamonds, we hear the word “carat” a lot, but what exactly is a carat?  For the record, a carat refers to a unit of weight of a given gemstone, such as a diamond, where one single carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.  The actual definition of […]

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