Shane Co vs James Allen [2020]: Which is Better?

Shane Co vs James Allen Compared

Main Differences Between Shane Co vs James Allen The main differences between Shane Co vs James Allen are: Shane Co offers natural diamonds, whereas James Allen also offers lab-grown diamonds. Shane Co works directly with partners they source with, whereas James Allen applies more general conflict-free standards. Shane Co offers more high-end rings as well […]

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Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared [2020]

Blue Nile and Shane Co are some of the largest diamond retailers in the world. Most of their current activity happens online, on their websites, where you can order your desired engagement ring or any other precious accessory, from the comfort of your own home. Both brands are popular and they make efforts to create an overall good purchasing experience.

The Main Differences between Blue Nile and Shane Co

  • Blue Nile was founded in 1999, whereas Shane Co is a brand with a long tradition, being created in 1971.
  • Blue Nile delivers its jewelry in simple and straightforward boxes, whereas Shane Co opts for elegant and pretty fancy packaging
  • Blue Nile provides excellent customer services, whereas Shane Co have received some complaints in this department

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Company & History

Blue Nile

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