Where to Buy Jewelry Online and What to Look for

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A piece of jewelry can make or break an outfit so this type of accessory must be carefully selected. It’s the finishing touch and it will polish your overall look. Unfortunately, most earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets have very high price tags. So, what should you do and where could you find jewelry that looks sophisticated but doesn’t cost too much? But, if your budget allows it, I have also included some online shops that sell products positioned as high-end or premium – something for everybody. Below, you will find a detailed list of some of the best places where you can purchase jewelry online.

Where to Buy Jewelry Online – Top 7 Best Places

1. Auverture

This brand was created by Bibi Van Der Velden who is a jewelry designer. The company’s main goal is to market fine pieces of jewelry through a very impressive website. Their products are made by leading jewelers from all over the world. Every single piece has a story behind its excellent design and it is curated by professional and certified experts.

Auverture was featured in multiple publications such as Vogue, Financial Times, the Independent, and others. It’s true that the price tags are high but you will be getting jewelry made by Amedeo, Carolina Bucci, Noor Fares, and many other talented designers. At first, Bibi Van Der Velden, who is also a sculptor, was mostly inspired by antique objects. Furthermore, each stone she uses in her creations comes with an interesting story.

She made her brand a globally renowned one due to her imaginative aesthetic. What differentiates her accessories from those of her competitors are the unexpected elements she works with like mixing baroque pearls, scarab beetle wings, and mammoth tusk with diamonds, gold, and other precious materials. She creates unique designs. From rings and earrings to necklaces and brooches, you will find a wide range of exquisite jewelry pieces on this website.

2. Baublebar

Slide View: 1: BaubleBar Desideria Hoop Earrings

If you’re searching for affordable accessories, Baublebar is the place to look at. On this online shop, jewelry lovers will find anything they want, from day-to-day bracelets to statement cocktail rings. According to them, the company’s products will complete your outfit. Not only will you be able to purchase beautiful things at affordable prices but you also have the possibility to personalize the jewelry you want to buy. For instance, you could opt for an engravable pendant necklace or a cute charm necklace with your initial.

There are plenty of styles, colors, and designs to choose from so you will definitely find something that suits you, regardless of your personal taste and preference: delicate, statement, and everything in between. The site is all about trendy accessories and the company promotes different products based on the season. If your order exceeds $35, you will benefit from free shipping. Also, customers can return a product without being required to cover any fee, whatsoever.

Finally, new styles and designs are added on a regular basis and every time that happens, the company offers huge discounts (up to 80%) for the jewelry featured the previous season. To create long-term relationships with their clients, Baublebar offers points after every new order which translates into a discount for future purchases.

3. Dinny Hall

Twist Collection | Dinny Hall

Dinny Hall is a place where simplicity lovers can find their preferred jewelry pieces. It’s basically a minimalistic heaven of the accessory market. Despite the fact that, in certain situations, delicate pieces of jewelry might get lost in an overall outfit, the level and approach of simplicity that the company’s designers provide have led to statement fashion items that speak for themselves. There are several important advantages you can receive when you buy from this website:

  • You can make the payment in your local currency – so, the shop delivers their products all over the globe;
  • Clients will enjoy the company’s very convenient international shipping fees; etc.

I am almost positive you will receive instant compliments whenever you wear their accessories. The company has been launched on the market 30 years ago so it has plenty of history and has built a great reputation. They describe themselves as being a modern British brand. The owner is an Art and Design graduate and her products became successful because she was brave enough to experiment with materials such as wood and leather.

Still, since the beginning, her style and designs have changed quite a bit. If at first, she enjoyed creating larger fashion statement pieces filled with exoticism, nowadays she crafts simple yet memorable products that don’t overshadow the person who’s wearing them. Due to all these clever initiatives, Dinny Hall is now a brand that’s recognizable all over the world and it’s associated with both style and quality.

4. Gorjana Jewelry

If you want a combination of feminine and delicate, you should take a look at what Gorjana has to offer. This is a reliable jewelry provider where you will find a large array of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories. They even have an impressive collection of power gemstones which are a very good idea when you want to shop for birthday presents.

Gorjana offers free shipping and returns and, according to them, customers will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The brand was created with the intent to market multigenerational as well as versatile pieces of jewelry. In other words, the company’s designers always work with longevity in mind. Most clients consider these products to be timeless yet modern. As a matter of fact, the 4 main characteristics of any Gorjana item are empowering, timeless, versatile, and effortless.

In 2004, Gorjana Reidel came up with the idea of this company, working together with her husband to accomplish her dream. They developed this entire business from the ground up and, in the beginning, they were shipping orders from their apartment. In 2016, the couple’s first physical location was opened in Laguna Beach. Nowadays, the brand can be found in more than 1,000 retailers all over the country.

On the website, you will find 4 main categories of products: earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These items are made from silver, gold, or rose gold. Moreover, the company’s portfolio includes 6 different collections: layered sets, power gemstones, meaningful layers, engravable, best sellers, and back in stock items.

5. Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry are known for their sustainable and high-quality jewelry. The business focuses on selling cultured diamonds. This means that all these precious stones are created in a controlled manner, inside a laboratory, while following both ethical and sustainable methods. On the website, you will find many interesting and beautiful accessories, from earrings to rings and bracelets. Also, their prices vary a lot, based on how precious the materials are.

This is a London-based shop. The business’ owner wanted to create a diamond disruptive movement. They currently have two main headquarters, one in London, UK, and the other one located in Hong Kong. Laura Chavez launched this brand in 2018 because she wanted to do things differently while also providing unique designs. The idea came to her while she was struggling to find fine jewelry pieces that were also affordable.

The name of the brand came to her when she decided to put together two of her favorite things:

  • Lark – it’s Laura’s favorite bird species and the word also means “playful;”
  • Berry – the word came to her when she remembered that her grandmother gave her a pendant which was in the shape of a berry.

According to her, the company emphasizes the following values:

  • Trend-setting and unique designs;
  • Sustainable products and manufacturing process – cultured diamonds instead of mined ones;
  • High-quality yet fairly-priced jewelry;
  • An overall socially responsible business approach – for each purchase, the company donates no less than 5 trees to help global reforestation.

6. Etsy

Etsy is definitely the place to go if you want to buy unique or handmade jewelry that all the other female friends of coworkers don’t already have. The platform features endless offerings provided by a lot of sellers, including independent markers. On this site, you can even commission customized designs due to the fact that most Etsy vendors are true craftsmen who sell beautiful items in all price ranges.

One of the things I like most when purchasing jewelry from Etsy is the fact that, as a client, I can browse through the reviews other customers publish for each seller. Also, the platform applies a buyer’s protection policy, not to mention that this popular online shop has “affordability” written all over it. Their goal is to keep commerce as human as possible.

Etsy, as I am sure you’re aware of, is an international digital marketplace for creative goods and it hosts plenty of extraordinary and special products, from vintage treasures to handcrafted items. The business representatives wanted to maintain a focus on human relationships in a world of increased automation. Their sellers are part of a strong community which helps them accomplish their business goals by turning great and creative ideas into reality.

The platform has low fees, offers both support and education, and provides powerful tools that vendors can use. Furthermore, as a buyer, you will find more than enough in terms of search filters that help you explore and discover one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Not only is Etsy enabling a connection between customers and sellers but also keeps that exchange safe and secure.

7. Kohl’s  

10k Gold Lab-Created Blue & White Sapphire Teardrop Halo Jewelry Set

Kohl’s is just like a huge online shopping mall. It has everything you might think of such as home items, fitness clothing and gadgets, toys, bath products, and, of course, accessories and jewelry. On this website, customers can choose from a large variety of accessories like casual items, glamorous necklaces, watches, fashion statement pieces, and even wedding bands.

If an order exceeds $75, the shipping is offered for free. Also, if you choose to pick up the purchased goods from the Kohl’s brick-and-mortar locations, you won’t be charged any extra fees. Among their selection of jewelry, you will find perfect accessories that you can buy for yourself or purchase as gifts for your family members, relatives, or friends. According to Kohl’s, one should never underestimate the positive impact of a carefully-chosen statement necklace, charm bracelet, or cocktail ring.

There’s a large selection of fashion, casual, and diamond jewelry so it’s practically impossible not to find something that suits your preferences, budget, and personal style. All these products can be worn for every occasion. In addition, the shop also markets kids’ jewelry. Are you looking for a pair of elegant drop earrings or are you more into funky hoops? It doesn’t really matter, because, on this website, there’s something for everyone.

You will also be happy to know that the company is involved in social responsibility-related initiatives. They seem to care about things such as the community they’re a part of and the environment. In fact, every purchase made from Kohl’s helps families in need nationwide. They have even created a volunteering program and the brand is known for its commitment to sustainability.

How to Purchase Jewelry from Online Shops

1. Decide What You Want to Buy

  • Use the available search tools in order to discover specific designs, styles, or types of accessories and jewelry that you want to purchase;
  • Do a little research. After you decide the jewelry type you need, start browsing through the most popular alternatives on the market but don’t forget to gather information regarding the quality grades that different jewelry pieces get depending on their clarity, materials, level of quality, etc.;
  • Before searching for a ring or a bracelet, you need to know the specifics such as size, cut, desired patterns or colors, and other factors.

2. Read the Information Provided by Jewelry Websites

  • Look for details about the online shop’s return policy. In my humble opinion, if the vendors don’t apply a return policy, it means they don’t truly believe in their own products. However, there are many sites that only accept this action as long as the client does it within a specified amount of time;
  • Look into their customer service. Any good and reliable online business should provide good customer service through well-experienced employees. That’s mandatory! These representatives have the necessary skills and abilities to help clients by answering their questions and guiding them throughout the purchasing process;
  • Ask about warranties and certificates. In the case of diamonds and other precious stones, you should receive a document which states several important factors like measurements, authenticity, description, gemstones history, and provenance, etc. All these things will come in handy if you need to repair the purchased good;
  • Read the reviews of other clients. A jewelry website or provider that receives a lot of positive feedback from its customers is more likely to market high-quality items and be a reliable vendor;
  • See whether or not you can benefit from price discounts. Some sellers are willing to offer extra discounts for orders that go beyond a certain amount. These types of offers are welcome, especially when you’re buying gifts or full jewelry sets;
  • Ask about service options. On some websites, you will find details related to maintenance or cleaning services like clasp tightening, stone polishing, and ring cleaning. Usually, these additional services shouldn’t cost extra.

3. Make Sure All Your Online Payments Are Secure

  • Choose only those online sellers that have secure websites to enable safe transactions in order to protect both your banking information and credit card details. After all, we’re well aware of how many identity thieves lurk on the Internet just waiting for an occasion to commit these kinds of crimes;
  • Opt for secure delivery or shipping options. Vendors who sell fine jewelry items usually provide secure shipping which means the distribution person must ask for your signature upon delivery. This way, you purchase remains protected and both you and the company ensure that the product is shipped safely;
  • After every new purchase, you should always check your bank statement to see if the transaction was properly completed and the amount taken from your account is the correct one.

Buying Jewelry Online – Drawing to a Close

All the places listed above are some good options if you want to shop for cool and affordable jewelry from the comfort of your own home. They are some of the most popular and reputable jewelry stores out there that offer a wide variety of accessories and items that suit every style or personality.

Whatever you do, bear in mind that buying jewelry online is a good idea as long as you do your homework. Look at all the images you can find and even ask for more photos if the ones already provided aren’t relevant enough. Once you purchase a precious accessory online, you might want to consider consulting a specialist to check whether or not that product is authentic. So, to summarize some of the things you should consider when buying jewelry online, you should keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Cost effective – look for bullet-proof refund policies, free shipping services, free additional services like engraving, gift wrapping, polishing, cleaning, and others;
  • Price comparison – let’s face it! Unless you’re a millionaire, price is a main factor when you buy something as important as precious jewelry. One of the benefits of purchasing online goods is keeping track of price tags by comparing multiple jewelers. That way, you take out the risk of buying impulsively and spend a lot of money;
  • Online reviews – on the Internet, you will find all kinds of useful information, reviews, feedback, opinions, ratings, and even expert knowledge and advice. All these elements will make the purchasing process a lot easier;
  • Quality – as long as the provider is a trustworthy one that features all the necessary information such as authenticity, company policies, product quality, etc. you can rest assured that the jewelry you’re about to order will have the same value and quality as a product bought from any other highly rated vendor. For that to happen, the maker must publish genuine grading certificates;
  • Convenience – needless to say, online customers save a lot of time and effort by shopping online instead of going out to physical stores. It’s a highly convenient option because you can do it at home and even when you’re on the move. Also, you won’t experience the annoying effects of pushy salespersons and the ordered product will arrive at your doorstep;
  • Payments – normally, a good and reliable online vendor should offer the possibility of multiple payment alternatives which include credit and/or debit card, PayPal, etc. This is a clever marketing strategy because it attracts more clients and allows them to choose the payment option that’s the most convenient one for them;
  • Sending gifts – online shopping is an excellent idea when you’re looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind surprise gift to offer to your loved ones. If you want to keep everything a secret for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. there’s no better way than online sellers.

Final Thoughts

That being said, remember to always check for the refund or exchange policy, read the reviews, verify the store’s credibility and its reputation, and see what kind of contact details they offer on the website. If your budget is a rather tight one but you don’t want to sacrifice on quality or design, there are plenty of alternatives online. That also goes for customers who don’t have budget limits and are ready to spend a lot on a piece of jewelry that they consider valuable and worthy.