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Gemstone Wedding & Engagement Rings

viking compass iolite

These days, the popularity of gemstones, other than diamonds, has increased, and now they’re about equal with diamond engagement rings.  Below, you will find links to brilliant and colourful gemstones which are perfect for engagement rings, that will catch anyone’s eye. On each separate page, you will find the main characteristics of these gemstones, including things like […]

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Unique Wedding & Engagement Rings


Be YOU-nique Do you dare to be different? Are you the kind of guy, or gal, that marches to the beat of your own drum? We like that about you and imagine that a ho-hum platinum and diamond pairing won’t fit the bill for your ideal wedding band. The jewelry industry has heard your cries […]

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Engagement Rings Fun Facts

fun facts about wedding rings

When you think of local engagement and wedding ring traditions, what comes to mind? A man spends 3 months of his paycheck on the perfect diamond studded engagement ring, gets down on one knee, puts the engagement ring on his future bride’s ring finger on her left hand. Once they wed, the wedding ring goes […]

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Ring – Way To A Girl’s Heart

exchanging promise rings

by: Alyssa Benefield I have never been a jewelry type of girl, I have always seemed to misplace all my jewelry when I wear accessories. It was till I got a ring with much meaning and love that I realized just how much a ring can mean. Meaning And Significance Of A Ring Let me first […]

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Our Complete Gemstone Engagement Ring Guide


Gemstones can be confusing, we must admit – mind numbingly so!  With over 130 types of individual jewelry quality gemstones, and a mess of undoubtedly unfamiliar terms, the hunt for picking the ideal stone for your wedding or engagement ring may have left you at a flustered standstill. We find that the easiest way to […]

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Our Guide To Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings


There are a lot of qualities that can factor into making a decision as to which gemstone is best suited for your engagement or wedding band. While some couples prioritize durability and resilience, others find a greater importance is aesthetic appeal – and regardless of which is number one on your list, we understand. Unfortunately, […]

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