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Love You Tomorrow was founded by Sue Fox, a jewelry and wedding enthusiast from New York. Her father, Simon, was a jewelry appraiser, whose family had deep roots in the mining industry. Sue grew up schooled in the different properties of gems and metals, as well as in the care and appraisal of jewelry. She was most fascinated by how different gems, materials, cuts, and settings could be put together in endless combinations to make thousands of unique pieces of jewelry. Best of all, each piece was distinct in its purpose and design to match the personality of the wearer. Love You Tomorrow began as a passion project in 2016. This was around the time when many of Sue’s friends and family members were getting married. Knowing her expertise, they often sought out her advice on wedding and engagement rings. The blog started out as a place to house Sue’s now in-demand knowledge. Her first posts were buying guides for diamonds, roundups of her favorite ring recommendations around the web, and practical tips about choosing the right gemstone for you. It became apparent pretty quickly that the most common visitors to her blog were couples in the market for wedding and engagement rings. Since rings were only one item on an engaged couple’s to-do list, Sue also began to receive inquiries about how the perfect rings would fit into the rest of the whole wedding picture. Since then, Sue’s vision for the blog expanded to become a one-stop shop for other resources on weddings in general. Today, Love You Tomorrow is a wedding blog that features not just Sue’s expertise on wedding and engagement rings, but also insights from her “Wedding Party”, a team of wedding experts and enthusiasts who write guides, recommendations, and tips for happy couples looking to tie the knot. Sue is now currently based in Carmel-by-the-Sea on the Monterey Peninsula in California. She lives with her husband Jess, and their three dogs, Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc.

white flash vs brian gavin

Whiteflash vs Brian Gavin Compared [Jan 2021]: Which is better?

The diamonds with the most carats get the headlines. From Paris Hilton’s 20 Carat present to Mariah Carey’s jaw-dropping 35 Carat platinum ring, there’s a common misconception that the bigger, the more brilliant. But first… Bottom Line up Front Summary: I personally prefer the easier to use website and top-notch support (and returns policy!) offered by Whiteflash …

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Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile Compared: Which is the Better Online Jewelry Retailer?

Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile Compared [2021]: Which is Best?

To say a diamond ring is worth a million dollars is a gross under-exaggeration. That is if you’re talking about the wedding industry and jewelry industry. In the United States, diamond rings accounted for $31.4 billion in sales, proving that the decline during the 2008 recession was a temporary dip. For consumers, that often means …

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ritani vs blue nile

Ritani vs Blue Nile [2021]: Which One is Better?

Ritani and Blue Nile, two of the biggest names in the online jewelry industry are becoming increasingly competitive–with each other especially for diamond jewelry. Just three years ago, Ritani, a New-York based retailer, partnered with independent jewelers and local jeweler storefronts to expand its loose diamond collection, diamond engagement ring collection, and fine jewelry, specifically …

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RitaniVS.James Allen

Ritani vs James Allen [2021 Edition]: Which is Best?

Considered an 80 billion dollar industry in the United States alone, the sheer quantity of jewelry retailers isn’t so surprising. Adding to that, Americans account for over half of diamond purchases every year. And nowhere is that more evident than through the proliferation of online retailers. From 2016 to 2021, American e-commerce is expected to …

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blue nile ring

Best Blue Nile Alternatives & Competitors [2021]

For a decade after decade, diamond engagement rings have been an investment. Until about fifteen to twenty years ago, most engagement rings were bought at traditional jewelry stores in small boutiques or sprawling malls. The assumption was that a diamond ring should cost about three months’ salary, making it an important, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor. …

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