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Whiteflash vs James Allen – Which is Best?

Whiteflash vs James Allen Compared

Compared, the main differences between Whiteflash vs James Allen are:  Average customer ratings  Special collections and different designers Average price point Diamond sourcing information Shipping methods Size of collection Refund policies A diamond engagement ring is, for many, among the most important purchase of ones’ life. It can also be quite expensive, which is part […]

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Agape Diamonds Review: Should You Shop Here?

agape diamond review

According to some statistics, as much as over eighty percent of engagement rings are diamonds, despite a recent trend towards diamond ring alternatives, including gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and morganite, and moissanite. But what many people don’t realize is that some of the popular engagement rings are not from natural diamonds, but from lab-grown diamonds, as […]

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The Best Places to Buy Loose Gemstones Online

Best Places to Buy Loose Gemstones Online

Gemstones are beautiful, precious and colorful alternatives to diamonds–but knowing where to find loose gemstones, especially online, can be tricky. The best places, in fact, might be more accessible than you’d imagine. There’s ample reason to both want to and be hesitant to shop online, but there’s no doubt that gemstones themselves can make beautiful […]

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Brilliant Earth vs James Allen – Which One Is a Better Diamond Vendor?

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen

If you’re searching for online diamond retailers, there are two players on the market you should know about: Brilliant Earth and James Allen. In today’s post, I will discuss both these vendors, in a comparative review that covers plenty of important and useful aspects like product inventory, pros, cons, payment alternatives, and more. Brilliant Earth […]

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