My Honest Brook & York Review and Guide

I love the look of dainty, layered jewelry, but the cost of purchasing multiple pieces to complete a look adds up pretty quickly, especially when you’re as jewelry-obsessed as I am.

I have nothing against building a collection of heirloom-quality jewelry if you can afford it, but personally, I like to split my collection between fine jewelry and affordable pieces.

I know it won’t last forever, but I like having the ability to wear my cheap jewelry out while living my life without the anxiety of something happening to it. 

I was excited to find Brook & York because they make affordable, versatile jewelry that’s perfect for layering, gifting, and customizing. I could come up with new ring stack configurations or order engraved necklaces for all of my friends, all while staying within my budget.

The pictures on their website are stunning, so I decided to do some digging and test out some of their jewelry to see whether or not they would be worth ordering from again in the future. 

Bottom Line Up Front: Perfect Style, Passable Quality 

I love the look of Brook & York’s timeless, versatile pieces, but they’re not made to last. They’re a great place to shop for low-stakes everyday jewelry that you don’t have to worry too much about. They’re also a great source for customizable jewelry that you’ll need in bulk, like for bridesmaids’ gifts. 

That being said, their prices are a little too high to be considered genuinely affordable for everyone, and I would appreciate more transparency on where they source their materials. Their website states that they use local, recycled materials but doesn’t provide any further explanation. 

Custom Necklaces, Bracelets, and More | Brook & York

Ethically crafted with the highest quality materials, our jewelry is made with supreme care and loving attention to detail. Everyone has a unique style, which is why we offer personalization to elevate your jewelry into a one-of-a-kind.

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About Brook & York

brook and york

Brook & York is a jewelry company that advertises themselves as “for women, by women.” They specialize in customizable pieces, and all of their jewelry is made in America. 

The company is based out of Connecticut, and that’s where they personalize and engrave everything, but the jewelry is manufactured in Rhode Island. According to their website, Brook & York uses locally-sourced material to craft their jewelry, though I couldn’t find any information on their sources beyond that statement. 

The Collection

Brook & York carries a massive selection of jewelry, but the majority of their products can be categorized as simple, classic gold-plated pieces that can be worn for all occasions (they do also make silver and rose gold jewelry). Jewelry can be sorted by type, occasion, featured collections, and customization options. 

One thing to keep in mind: Because most of Brook & York’s jewelry is made from gold-plated brass, it’s not going to last forever. The gold will tarnish or even wear away over time. You can minimize this by taking care of your jewelry.

Keep it away from water, lotions, and perfumes, and store it separately from other jewelry that might rub up against it and scratch it.

As long as you take good care of your jewelry, you should expect to get several years of regular wear from it, but this isn’t the type of jewelry you pass down to future generations, and that’s reflected in its price! 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way and we’re managing our expectations here, let’s talk about some of my favorite things about Brook & York’s jewelry collection. 

Featured Collections

Brook & York has a few collections that they feature on their site. One of them, the Madeline Collection, is a collection of pieces made with round or rectangular initial tag pendants. They’re clean, casual, everyday pieces that would be great for gifting.

The Madeline Three Initial Pendant personalized with the grandchildren’s initials would make a great gift for a grandmother, and I think the Mackenzie Birthstone Initial Pendant is an excellent choice for a bridesmaid gift. 

Madeline Three Initial Pendant | Brook & York

Initial pendants make such special statements, choose three initials to add to our delicate disc necklace. Makes the perfect gift for your fave momma or BFF.

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They also have collections of both diamond and pearl jewelry. The types of pearls used for each piece are listed; many are made with freshwater pearls or mother of pearl. All of the diamonds are just listed as “diamond,” and I wish I could find more information about them on the site.

I have to assume that for the price, they are using lab-grown diamonds to make their jewelry. However, I would appreciate more transparency here if only to prove that they’re not using diamond simulates and passing them off as diamonds. 

Mackenzie Birthstone Initial Pendant | Brook & York

Features 3/8" gold filled or sterling silver disc, hand stamped initial, 16" brass satellite chain with 2" extender, and more.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Unique Customization Options

Many of Brook & York’s pieces can be engraved, and they offer a vast selection of monogram, initial, and birthstone pieces as well. Many of the customizable pieces are available in your choice of silver (or rhodium plated), rose gold plated, or 14k-18k gold plated. 

I really appreciate how unique some of their customization options are. For example, there are pieces that can be engraved with the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of a meaningful location, like the Coordinate Fine Cuff Bracelet, and pieces that can be customized with a significant date written in roman numerals.

I especially like the Roman Numeral Bar Necklace. It feels simple and versatile but still personal. It would make a great graduation or personal milestone gift. 

Stackable Rings

I love a good ring stack, and Brook & York has dozens of rings that can be mixed and matched in whatever way suits you. They even sell sets like the Olivia Ring Set and the Morgan Thin Ring Set that you can use to jumpstart your collection. 

Keep in mind: Gold-plated rings, in particular, don’t last a super long time since you’ll most likely be washing your hands and just generally living your life when you’re wearing them.

Don’t be surprised if the gold starts to wear away or even flake from being rubbed between your fingers all day. That being said, solid gold ring stacks can be a serious investment, so it’s nice to have options like these where you can try out the look without going into debt. 

Gift Boxes

One of my favorite things that Brook & York offers are their gift boxes. They have a selection of themed, curated boxes that combine their jewelry with other artisan-made products in one beautiful, gift-ready package.

My favorite is the Home Sweet Home Gift Box, which combines Brook & York’s Casey Bar pendant and earrings with artisanal chocolate, tea, a tea towel, and a ceramic mug.

I would definitely send this to a friend as a new apartment gift or even as a reminder that I was thinking of them if they were feeling sick or going through a breakup. 

They also have a Bridesmaid Proposal box that’s an adorable way to ask the people closest to you to be a part of your special day.

It contains the Taylor Hoop earrings, some beauty essentials like lip balm and nail polish, and artisanal chocolate. If that’s not really your speed, I think the Champagne Wishes box would make a great substitutes. 

The Brook & York Customer Experience

brook and york check out

Here are some things I noticed about shopping online with Brook & York. 


Brook & York’s website is simple, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Drop-down menus make it easy to narrow down your search, and jewelry can be sorted by type, metal, price, and customization options.

I like that the price and metal options for each piece of jewelry are displayed at a glance while you’re browsing, but I do wish there was a bit more product info available for some of the pieces (such as the types of diamonds used, which I mentioned earlier). 

I like how many detailed photos they post of each listing. It made me feel confident that I knew exactly what the jewelry would look like once I had it in front of me.

Some of the personalized pieces even have a feature that lets you preview what your engraving will look like on the final piece. All of this is very important to me when I shop online. I like to know that I can trust that the item I’ll receive actually looks like what’s pictured. 


Brook & York ships most non-customized pieces within 24 hours of receiving your order. Customized pieces are shipped 3-5 days after you place the order. I received my (non-customized) order in less than a week. You can track your order via a page on their website. 

They offer free standard shipping (within the United States) on all pieces, regardless of the size of your order. You will have the option to upgrade your shipping at checkout for an additional cost. 

One thing that I found a little disappointing was that Brook & York only ships to the United States and Canada.

Considering a huge part of their identity is that they’re a “made in America” brand, this might not be a huge issue for most of their customers, but I always like having the option of an extended delivery area—that way, I can ship gifts directly to my friends overseas. 


Brook & York offers returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase, as long as the order hasn’t been customized. They don’t accept returns on customized orders, which isn’t really surprising.

My order didn’t include a return shipping label, so I assume you would have to pay to ship a return yourself, though their website doesn’t specify one way or the other. 

Customer Service

You can contact Brook & York’s customer service via webchat, phone, email, or even snail mail. I like that they have many options, and the webchat and phone options are available from 9 AM to 12 AM Eastern time, which is a pretty big window despite them not being open 24/7.

I could see having those options come in handy if I had questions about a customized order. 

My Brook & York Earrings

I decided to order the Cece Dangle Earrings from Brook & York. I really liked the deco-inspired design and thought the crystals would be the perfect amount of understated bling to wear on a night out. 

The Packaging 

brook & york the packaging
Unboxing! – Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york the packaging
Unboxing! – Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york the packaging
Unboxing! – Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york
Unboxing! – Photo by Lauren Vigdor

My earrings arrived in less than a week. They were delivered in a sturdy brown paper envelope. Inside was a packing slip, an info card, and an embossed white jewelry box. Within the box was a soft pink fabric pouch that held the earrings.

I really like the pouch and will continue storing my earrings in it to protect them from getting scratched. You’ve got to love packaging that’s both pretty and useful!  

brook and york earrings
Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york earrings
Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york earrings
I love the pouch these earrings came in! – Photo by Lauren Vigdor

The Look

brook and york earrings
Photo by Lauren Vigdor


Photo by Lauren Vigdor
brook and york earrings


brook and york earrings
Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york earrings
Cece Dangle Earrings – Photo by Lauren Vigdor

The earrings looked exactly like the picture on the website. (We were off to a good start!) They’re tiny and structured, but the crystal dangles give them the perfect amount of movement and sparkle. I think they’d be a great choice for a night out or to dress up a simple top and jeans.

I really like how these earrings are different from everything else in my jewelry collection, yet I don’t think I’ll have any trouble pairing other accessories with them. 

The Quality

brook and york earrings
These friction backs were very loose – Photo by Lauren Vigdor

This is where I ran into some snags. When I was putting on the earrings, I noticed that the friction backs didn’t feel super secure. They weren’t exactly loose, but they didn’t click into place the way some friction backs do. 

In fact, I wore the earrings out to dinner and accidentally flicked off one of the backs while adjusting my hair. I was able to retrieve it, but I think I’ll wear these with some cheap plastic stoppers on the backs from here on out so that I don’t run the risk of losing one of the earrings. 

The fact that they’re not super secure is definitely annoying, and it’s something anyone should be aware of before purchasing these.

The earrings are stunning, and it won’t keep me from wearing them in the future, but I was definitely disappointed. I could easily have lost one of both earrings the very first time I wore them out without even knowing it.  

brook and york earrings
Photo by Lauren Vigdor


brook and york earrings
I love the way these earrings look – Photo by Lauren Vigdor

My Thoughts

After what happened with my earring back, I don’t think that I would purchase another pair of stud earrings from Brook & York, at least not for anyone but myself. However, I do think I would still buy other jewelry from them, especially if I were working on a budget. 

As I stated earlier, I think it’s a great place to get a bunch of coordinating necklaces or rings for a layered look.

If you like the aesthetic of a ring stack but aren’t sure if you want to commit, it’s a great place to find affordable, delicate rings that won’t break the bank—just know that they probably won’t last forever, especially if you forget to take them off while showering or washing your hands.

I also think it’s still an excellent option for buying favors or bridesmaid gifts. Not everyone can afford to buy half a dozen or more solid gold engraved pendants for their friends, and it’s a nice option to be able to design something sentimental and lovely without going over budget. 

Pros and Cons


  • The jewelry is simple and versatile. It will work with most styles and go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. 
  • It’s easy to customize engraved pieces, and many even have multiple font options for you to choose from. 
  • The pretty packaging and selection of gift boxes make this a great place to shop for gifts. 


  • The jewelry is plated, so the gold may tarnish or even wear away with time.
  • My earring backs weren’t super secure—one fell off when I was out at dinner.
  • The website states that they make their jewelry with locally sourced and recycled material but offers no information on where they source their metals or diamonds. 
  • They only ship to the US and Canada. 


If Brook & York isn’t right for you, consider one of these alternatives. 

If you’re looking for monogrammed or initial jewelry: Mark & Graham

mark and graham

Mark & Graham specializes in monogrammed gifts. They carry a lot more than just jewelry, but they do have an extensive collection of clean and simple monogram, initial, name, and engraved jewelry (as well as monogrammed jewelry boxes and trays to store them in). 

If you’re looking for something higher-quality: Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth

Brilliant Earth is primarily known for their customizable engagement rings, but they have a vast selection of other fine jewelry as well, including some gorgeous engravable pieces made of solid 14k gold.

This is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for engraved jewelry that will last longer than Brook & York. Just remember, the higher quality pieces come with a heftier price tag. 

If you’re in it for the ring stacks: Gorjana or Mejuri


Both Gorjana and Mejuri are excellent alternatives to Brook & York if you’re looking for simple but interesting gold rings for your ring stack. Gorjana is a better place to shop for gold-plated rings, whereas Mejuri has a better selection of solid gold rings, though both companies carry both metal types. 


Question: Is Brook & York real gold?

Answer: Most Brook & York jewelry is gold plated, which means it’s made from a thin layer of real gold affixed on top of another metal—usually brass. The outer layer of the jewelry is real gold, but it can wear away over time, revealing the brass underneath.  

Question: Does Brook & York jewelry tarnish?

Answer: Brook & York jewelry is plated, and plated jewelry does tend to tarnish over time, even if you take good care of it. To keep your gold-plated jewelry looking good, make sure you treat it gently and keep it away from water, lotions, and perfumes. Gently polishing it with a soft cloth will help remove any tarnish. 

Question: What’s the difference between gold-plated and gold-filled?

Answer: Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker exterior layer of gold than gold-plated jewelry. That means that it’s less likely to tarnish or wear out the way gold-plated jewelry is. Both types of jewelry are made by applying layers of real gold to a base metal like brass or silver. 

Final Thoughts: Would I recommend Brook & York?

Yes and no. Yes, because I think they carry some beautiful, truly unique, and personal pieces that are still relatively budget-friendly; no if you’re looking for an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that your loved one will keep for life.

I would just advise that you know what it is you’re purchasing and keep your expectations in check. There’s a reason why gold-plated jewelry is so much more affordable than solid gold, but it gives those of us who don’t have unlimited jewelry budgets a chance to build a collection of fun and unique pieces. 

I think I’ll most likely order from Brook & York again when I’m looking for something sparkly to complement an outfit for a wedding or special occasion—something that looks special, but I won’t necessarily wear every day. I also think Brook & York is an excellent gift option for friends.

This might not be where you buy the milestone graduation gift for your daughter, but if you’re looking for a bridesmaid proposal, birthday gift, or a sweet “thinking of you” gift for someone, it’s a great option. 

Custom Necklaces, Bracelets, and More | Brook & York

Ethically crafted with the highest quality materials, our jewelry is made with supreme care and loving attention to detail. Everyone has a unique style, which is why we offer personalization to elevate your jewelry into a one-of-a-kind.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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