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Agape Diamonds vs Nexus Diamonds: Whoose Diamonds Are Better?

Main Differences Between Agape Diamonds vs Nexus Diamonds The main differences between Agape Diamonds vs Nexus Diamonds are: Agape Diamonds may sell natural and lab grow diamonds in the future, whereas Nexus Diamonds only plans on selling simulants Agape Diamonds offers lifetime warranties and care, whereas Nexus Diamonds offers an upgrade program Agape Diamonds offers […]

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Diamond Nexus vs Moissanite: The Ultimate Battle

Diamond alternatives have been gaining popularity. Yet, still, there are many misconceptions and understandable doubts about alternatives, from cubic zirconia, to gemstones like moissanite, and companies offering other diamond simulants, like Diamond Nexus.

In fact, the confusion surrounding diamond simulants– and Diamond Nexus’ name — showed up in recent headlines concerning consumer labeling of lab-grown vs natural diamonds.

One Fresno, California couple ran into that very issue when they bought an engagement ring, which had the desired cut and clarity– but the couple was surprised to learn that the diamond was not a natural diamond, but a diamond simulant, which is far less valuable.

As these regulations are debated, one thing is clear: diamond alternatives like Diamond Nexus lab-grown diamonds and

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How To Find The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

3 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

Ever wanted jewelry but don’t have time to shop? Now maybe the best time to find the best jewelry subscription box, with so many options flooding the market.

From fine jewelry necklaces to fashionable watches and even beautiful diamond alternatives, jewelry subscription boxes were once seen as new and innovative. No longer did you have to go to a store in person– now you could have options shipped right to your door.

But 2020 changed the jewelry subscription box market, in ways no one could have imagined.

While the global pandemic has caused an economic downturn across the world, subscriptions, including jewelry subscription boxes–have had a twist of fortune. In fact, according to a Forbes report, “

Qalo vs Groove Rings: Which Brand is Better?

qalo vs groove

In the jewelry industry, there’s an ongoing argument surrounding metal vs. silicone rings. So, if you’re a jewelry fanatic (like us),  you’ve probably heard lots on either side. However, if we look from the perspective of an active person, silicone rings have no contest. They’re usually pliable, stretchy if needed, they allow the skin to breathe better, and silicone doesn’t interfere with everyday activities.

So, the real question floating around the silicone ring industry is: which brand is better?

Of course, this hinges on personal preferences – after all, who knows your needs better than you do? But, in this review, we’ll try to shed some light on two of the biggest brands of silicone rings: Qalo and Groove.

Each boasts its own perks and downfalls, so hopefully, we’ll h

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