Verragio Engagement Rings Review [2020]

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Verragio engagement rings are one of the most recognizable jewelry pieces in the world due to their amazing designs and distinctive structure.

The company is a respected one and the brand rings a bell to all those who have ever searched for a designer engagement ring. Clients can find a wide range of collections and products, from modern to vintage ones.

I suggest you keep reading if you want to find out more regarding Verragio rings, the company’s approach and history, and more.

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Verragio Engagement Rings Review – the Company’s History

The company was founded by Barry Verragio who became a jewelry maker’s apprentice when he was only 14. Further on, he enrolled in the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where he met several reputable people from the jewelry-making industry. Among them, there was Maurice Galley who was already working for Tiffany and Co.

Under the guidance of Maurice, Verragio started to create designs for both bridal jewelry and engagement rings. By the 1990s, he acquired so much experience that he even came up with his own setting technique, one that nobody else was using at the time. Verragio’s first engagement ring was the one he used to propose to his fiancée who is currently his wife.

The founder’s secret lies in the Lumino setting technique allows the center stone to remain suspended which further enables the diamond to receive and reflect more light. Therefore, the company’s rings are known for their brilliance. This was the company’s start but since then, it has become a renowned jewelry brand that’s present all over the globe.

Nowadays, Barry Verragio can proud himself with over 25 years of professional experience. His rings start from a classic foundation but their finishes are cutting edge.

Verragio Engagement Rings Review – Brand’s Collections

According to the company’s representatives, the manufacturer is trying to boost the rings’ overall beauty and appearance instead of building overwhelming designs. The center stone always remains the focal point of the setting, even when intricate and elaborate settings are involved.

This jewelry maker uses only the finest materials to craft its iconic engagement rings. All products are made from one or several of the following precious materials: 18K yellow, rose, or white gold, 14K white, yellow, or rose gold (only the items from the Parisian collection), and platinum.

The Venetian Collection




Within the Venetian collection, you can customize the ring you’re about to purchase any way you want. It is a unique collection that focuses on how the ring looks on its side profile. It is a mesmerizing mix of intricate particularities and complex craftsmanship.

The Insignia Collection


insignia collection


Insignia rings have a truly remarkable profile that resembles the brand’s logo. These rings feature delicate swirls, the well-known Lumino setting, and ornate scrolls. This Verragio collection is truly feminine and elegant without being overwhelming.

The Parisian Collection



If you really want to take the customization process at a whole new level, you should definitely choose a ring from the Parisian collection. These jewelry items are marketed with both personalized diamonds and non-diamond wraps. A ring from this collection involves plenty of lacework and French beading. You can choose from a wide range of vintage settings. What I like most about it is its budget-friendly characteristic.

 The Couture Collection

couture collection


Not only can you customize the outside part of the ring, including its stone, but with the Couture collection, you can also personalize the interior profile of the jewelry. Therefore, you will truly have a unique engagement ring. Right beneath the main stone, there’s a couture crown-shaped bezel. This couture Verragio collection differentiates itself from all the other through the rings’ clean cuts and multi-colored precious metals.

The Renaissance Collection


renaissance ring


This is a new addition to the Verragio website. These rings have intricate designs. They are beautifully crafted with many interesting and appealing details. However, for those of you who are more into simple ring models, the company has also listed several items with fewer design elements.

Tradition Collection


These are all elegant, simple, and timeless ring styles. You can choose from yellow, rose, or white gold. If you’re into classic rings, these might be the ideal choice for you. I couldn’t call them minimalistic though because they are still complex and elaborate.

How to Properly Verify Verragio Rings

All Verragio’s rings feature the name of the brand on the inside part of the ring. Still, some knock-off might also present the same characteristics. For that reason, you should always buy these products from trustworthy and, more importantly, fully licensed retailers.

One thing you should always keep in mind is the fact that the company sells its rings as mounts. So, don’t expect to receive the ring with its central stone right from the start. On the other hand, even if you go to licensed retailers, not all of them provide the same level of service in terms of quality and perks. There are many of them who function as brick-and-mortar locations. They often sell lower-quality rings at higher price tags.

As I mentioned before, the first and simplest step towards verification is to look for the brand’s name engraved on the inside part of the ring. You will find the inscription on the ring’s shank, more specifically, on its internal surface. Still, this won’t suffice to know for sure whether or not the ring is real or a fake.

Needless to say, all future clients must check if the vendor they’re about to buy from is actually an official Verragio vendor. For your convenience, there’s a list of these sellers on the Verragio website.

How to Cleverly Purchase a Great Verragio Ring

At Verragio, you will only find semi-mount rings. That means that the center stone is not placed on the setting yet. Simply put, the ring’s setting is empty. To complete the ring, you must first choose your desired diamond before placing an order. Unfortunately, many clients deal with problems in this situation, being confused and not really knowing what to select.

One of the main issues is the fact that most of the Verragio retailers provide a limited diamond inventory and, some of them, even market precious stones of questionable traits.

Even if you do find a great jeweler that offers you a good-quality diamond, you may still be put at a disadvantage by the terms and conditions of this kind of arrangement. To be completely honest with you, I don’t believe you can find anything above mediocre in terms of diamond quality, especially the stone’s cut.

Verragio Diamond Engagement Rings Review – Main Characteristics

veraggio rings


Regardless of the products a popular brand sells, if they acquire tremendous success, knock-off will inevitably appear on the market. Fortunately, Verragio’s workers base their profitability and popularity on essential traits such as complexity, intricate details, durability, etc. Meanwhile, fakes won’t deliver the same quality that all Verragio rings feature. Their work is the result of many years of experience, tests, trials, and technically skilled craftsmen.

I am not that crazy about designer jewelry. In fact, I strongly believe that, as long as you buy a simple yet well-made engagement ring that isn’t necessarily marketed by a well-known brand, you will achieve the same results as you would with a Tiffany or James Allen product. In my opinion, many times, the only difference is given by the price tag. Nevertheless, it is a whole different story with the rings made by Verragio.

When it comes to this brand, you should definitely avoid buying knock-off or replicas. With one of Verragio’s rings, you will make a wise investment because you always get unique designs while also remaining true to your values and having peace of mind.


You cannot purchase any of the Verragio jewelry pieces directly on their website because it doesn’t work as an online shop. Instead, it is only a window shop platform where you can see all the company’s products. Still, going on their website will allow you to clearly see any detail you may be interested in due to the manufacturer’s ability to focus on the customizable characteristic of its accessories.

It’s true that, although Verragio recommends certain authorized retailer websites where you should buy these rings from, you shouldn’t always follow their suggestions and try to find more affordable ones on your own. My gut tells me that those recommendations are mainly based on profit.

Besides these, the overall appearance of the website is a decent one. It has a straightforward design and it is pretty well structured. You can easily find all their product categories as well as their collections on the top part of the screen.


You may say that Verragio’s rings are expensive but that would not be entirely correct, especially when you take into consideration factors like quality, uniqueness, design, etc. These are premium products that we’re talking about. There’s a lot of craftsmanship that was invested in these accessories. The rings have a great finish and they bring exquisite individuality in terms of design.

Compared to other designer rings, Verragio jewelry is quite affordable. In most cases, these rings meet clients’ expectations. The price of a Verragio engagement ring can start as low as $1,500 and go up to over $4,000, based on the included precious metals, collection, and more.

Verragio Engagement Rings Review – Customer Ratings


My research on Verragio rings is totally unbiased and I must say I was able to find plenty of positive reviews and high ratings published by customers. According to them, the company is a reliable diamond manufacturer and distributor. Moreover, they have an impressive client base, their own patented ring setting, star rated feedback, and great customer service:

  • User-friendliness – The platform features a charming design and a user-friendly structure. My expectations were exceeded when I saw their excellent 360 diamond photos;
  • Setting variety – Verragio markets a wide range of settings and engagement ring models, from halo designs to emerald cut rings;
  • Customer support – The entire shopping experience is a breeze due to the jeweler’s exceptional customer support service. Any client that requests assistance will receive a customized mail in maximum 15 minutes or so;
  • Returns and refunds – To find out the dealer’s trade options as well as their return or refund policy, you must send a request via the brand’s official website. Things, like replacing, resizing, or even returning the item, should be hassle-free;
  • Payment and shipping – All Verragio rings come with jewelry insurance in case of manufacturing defects and a Lifetime warranty. When it comes to payment and shipping, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

Where to Buy Verragio Rings Online

There are a select few authorized retailer websites that can carry Verragio rings (including Verragio setting). They are as follows:

  • WhiteFlash – Whiteflash carries a very wide selection of certified diamonds from Veragio (over 100 by my count). Check out this specific page to get a sense for their collection of diamond ring options.
  • James Allen – James Allen is another authorized Verragio online store. They have a great landing page here with a simple 3 step selection process AND 360 high quality images.

Verragio Engagement Rings Review – Main Alternatives

  • WhiteFlash – this is a reputable brand that markets great quality diamonds. In fact, you can easily and safely buy a ring setting from Verragio and then pair it with a WhiteFlash diamond;
  • James Allen – In addition to carrying Verragio rings, James Allen can similarly use a Verragio setting with a custom order of loose diamonds from James Allen here.
  • Blue Nile – being one of the biggest engagement ring retailers, Blue Nile offers plenty of educational resources and on the clock customer assistance;
  • Ritani Ritani is a ring provider that helps you get the best of both online and offline buying processes. First, you can customize your ring online, on Ritani’s platform. Later on, you can go to one of the company’s partner stores to try the ring and see if it fits properly.

Bottom Line – Why Should You Buy a Verragio Engagement Ring?

A client’s relationship with Verragio’s rings is controversial. In fact, it is a love-hate type of thing. Due to their distinctive traits, Verragio engagement rings aren’t to everyone’s taste. Still, they continue to increase in popularity and reputation within the jewelry industry. The company sells varied and unique ring designs and the work put into every single detail or setting should be appreciated and respected.

Images sources: Featured Image, Final Image, in between all taken from the company’s website

FAQ’s About Verragio Rings

Are Verragio Rings Real or Fake?

All the rings made my Verragio and sold by their licensed retailers are real. These jewelry items are marketed without the central stone which you must purchase elsewhere. But all the other small diamonds or gemstones that surround the ring setting are already mounted when you buy the ring.

How Much Does a Verragio Engagement Ring Cost?

An engagement ring setting created by Verragio has a price that starts at around $1,500-$2,000, depending on the number and carat of diamonds on the ring. If you want more complex designs with intricate details, you may have to pay more.

How Long One Must Wait to Receive a Verragio Ring?

Most of the models crafted by Verragio are custom-made. On average, an engagement ring made by this company takes between 6 and 8 weeks to be finalized and delivered to the client.

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