These Are The Best Silicone Wedding Ring Brands

When it comes to selecting a wedding ring, silicone is about the farthest material most couples have in mind. Though not usually as pricey as an engagement ring, wedding bands can include diamonds or other precious stones, not to mention precious metals. Add in customization and so bands can easily cost a few thousand. But […]

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The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Sister

best wedding gift ideas for your sister

Imagine just having a beautiful ceremony and heading off to a honeymoon to New Zealand. Then imagine, hundreds of thousands of miles in the air during a connecting flight, you get another surprise: cards and notes from 130 passengers wishing you well. Fantastical as it sounds, that’s precisely what happened for Bride Kelli Shultz this […]

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The Best Places to Honeymoon in September

Weddings taking place at the end of summer and towards the beginning of that lovely fall season are some of our favorites.  They have this charm to them that we just can’t explain. The air changes and the days seem more romantic. They are truly days to be cherished and remembered. Even more so, honeymoons […]

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Best Blue Nile Alternatives [Updated for 2019]

blue nile ring

For a decade after decade, diamond engagement rings have been an investment. Until about fifteen to twenty years ago, most engagement rings were bought at traditional jewelry stores in small boutiques or sprawling malls. The assumption was that a diamond ring should cost about three months’ salary, making it an important, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor. […]

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The Best Islands in Thailand for Honeymoons

Ever dreamed of a tropical, amazing location for your honeymoon? Yeah, we have, too. There is nothing better after a long wedding day than jetting off on a plane with your new spouse and heading to the beach. Now, a lot of couples choose Hawaii for a beach honeymoon. Or maybe the Bahamas. A trip […]

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