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The Eco Well – DIY Beauty, Empowerment, Sustainability, and More!

the eco well soap

Today we bring you something very special – a Canadian cosmetic manufacturer called The Eco Well, based out of Ontario, Canada.  They make a selection of products that we think would make great bridal shower gifts, including bathbomb, soap, lip balm, and healing salve. One thing we love about The Eco well is that they are […]

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Maker Spotlight – Alex and Ani

Carolyn Rafaelian alex and ani

We’re focusing today on Alex and Ani in our Maker’s Spotlight. Alex and Ani is a company that creates beautiful, meaningful jewelry that’s also environmentally friendly and conscious of its impact on the environment. All their jewelry is made in America. The company uses sustainable materials that are gained from eco-conscious material processing. Their business […]

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Maker Spotlight – Carolyn Pollack

In our Maker Spotlight this week, we have Carolyn Pollack who designs and owns Carolyn Pollack Jewelry under Relios, Inc. The company was founded in 1994 by Carolyn and her husband, Bill. Her studio is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Relios & Carolyn Pollack Jewelry When talking about her history, we have to include her […]

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Maker Spotlight – Kerstin Laibach


We’d like to take a moment to put the spotlight on goldsmith Kerstin Laibach and her ethical jewelry practices as well as the beautiful designs she creates without harming the environment. Kerstin’s Background in Jewelry Design Kerstin spent much of her younger years in a stunning area of Europe known for its handcrafted jewelry standards. She […]

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Maker Spotlight – Wendy Brandes

wendy brandes middle finger jewelry

As fans of super cool, innovative, and uniquely beautiful jewelry and the artisans who make it, we wanted to take a moment to highlight an award-winning fine jewelry designer, social activist, feminist, and overall badass, who uses her unique and luxurious designs to tell the stories of powerful women of the past – Wendy Brandes. ABOUT/BACKGROUND […]

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Meg Leslie’s Ceramic Nature-Inspired Jewelry And Mosaics

meg leslie floral jewelry

As we sometimes do, we recently stumbled on an interesting artist and jewelry designer that we think is worth talking about. Surely, you know how it goes…these things catch you off guard and suddenly you find yourself blabbing about it uncontrollably. In this case, the person we’re going on about is none other than Meg Leslie […]

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What Is A Statement Necklace? A Quick Guide To The Various Types And When To Wear Them

livemaster ru statement necklace

If you love jewelry and want to really show off your own unique style, one way to do so is by wearing what what is called a statement necklace. What does the term “statement necklace” mean?  Simple.  It’s a necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on – that’s the essential definition.  […]

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Simply Wood Rings – In The Spotlight


We were so impressed with the care and detail of wood rings from the experts at Simply Wood Rings that we had to tell our readers about them. They take eco-friendly resources and transform them into elegant wedding or engagement rings. Along with their wood options, they can transform your special materials and inlay materials into […]

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