Turquoise Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Our Favorite Turquoise Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Today, we’re moving on to real and simulated turquoise/green stones for your statement necklace. With statement necklaces, you don’t want to have just one color or style.

Mixing it up will ensure that no matter what outfit or color you’re wearing, you’ll have a matching turquoise necklace statement piece that can really elevate your style and look.

Handmade Waterfall Bib Necklace

Handmade Simulated Turquoise Waterfall On Cotton Wax Rope Bib-Style Statement Toggle Necklace review

This simulated turquoise piece is a waterfall of turquoise nuggets that’s wild and beautiful.

The colors are a stunning cyan blue-green, and the turquoise necklace weighs 89 grams. The necklace is 17 inches long with 2.25 inches of extension. The stones drop 3.94 inches at its peak length.

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Southwestern Style Look

When you think of turquoise, you’ll likely think of a southwestern style, and this fringe piece is perfect for that.

It’s actually a set with a pair of earrings, too. It’s a simulated turquoise necklace with silver toned accents.

It shouldn’t be worn constantly since it’s not real silver, but it’s a beautiful piece for heading out to a bar for the night. You’ll get plenty of compliments on this fringe look.

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Sterling Silver Turquoise Butterfly Necklace

This quality Millefiori necklace was crafted by an expert Etsy artist. It’s made with real, genuine turquoise and sterling silver.

The 16.5  inch necklace itself is interlocking smooth and rope style chains that meet at the beautiful 1.8 X 1.2 inch butterfly.

The center of the butterfly features a stunning silver stone surrounded by intricate, detailed turquoise and silver inlays.

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Turquoise Squash Flower Statement Necklace

This Etsy necklace features an innovative squash flower design, immediately standing out from the garden variety turquoise statement necklaces.

The Navajo inspired Southwestern aesthetic features natural magnesite stones and pewter pearls, framed by a silver plate alloy.

Measures as a 30″ necklace with a 5″ extender.

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Crystal Stone Turquoise Orgone Necklace

This large, open bezel pendant features quartz crystals, little pieces of silver, coils of copper and chips of turquoise.

The bezel is pewter that is lead free with stunning designs engraved on the outer edge. The pendant is 1.25 inches in diameter. It hangs from a leather cord of chocolate brown and copper.

Along with being a beautiful statement piece, it’s a spiritual tool that’s meant to change negative energy into positive.

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Multi-Strand Statement Piece

This turquoise statement necklace features multiple strands of beads with a crackle finish. They’re imitation turquoise made of glass, so they’re beautiful but not as expensive as real turquoise.

The necklace measures 17.5 inches at the longest place on the piece. While it can become weighty throughout the day, it’s a solid necklace that is very comfortable for a few hours of wear.

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Kingman Turquoise Bib Necklace in Sterling Silver

Delightfully medley of turquoise hues and bronzy overlays are strung together in this necklace to create a stunning statement piece.

This is a necklace is a subtle upscale option, complemented by sterling silver chain and links.

It measures 18″ and fastens with a classic lobster clasp. Starts around $299 for a more premium appeal. Not your average beach kiosk coral. 

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American West Naja Pendant

As with other lists we’ve done, the best few were saved for last. This piece is a stunning piece from American West.

It has Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochons in a squash blossom shape. The pendant can be removed for a totally different look in one piece.

This piece is made with sterling silver accents and an 18 inch chain with a 2 inch extender. For those who love turquoise, this is an incredibly stunning statement piece.

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Sleeping Beauty Cross Pendant

In the previous necklace, the pendant can be removed for two different looks in one product piece.

This enhancer fits beautifully with that necklace or on another chain of your choosing. It’s 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/8 inches wide and features Sleeping Beauty turquoise and stamped sterling silver. The cabochons of this piece create a squash blossom that matches the previous piece perfectly.

They’re both created by Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Jewelry store, with excellent customer reviews and customer service.

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Concha Pin Pendant Necklace

This beautiful pendant can be added to any style chain. It’s genuine turquoise as well as real sterling silver. It measures 16 inches long by 1 5/8 inches wide.

The sterling silver is stamped with a variety of symbols to give it a truly unique, stylish appearance. It can be used as a pin and it comes with a bale so you can add it to your favorite necklace for a designer style.

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Simulated vs Real Turquoise Stone

Simulated turquoise stone (or “fake turquoise”) is most commonly created with the soft mineral howlite. Howlite is dyed to resemble turquoise. 

Other similar turquoise substitutes include the mineral magnesite as well as epoxy, resins and even simple composite plastics. 

In terms of value, genuine turquoise is considered more valuable and sought after, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stunning simulated alternatives.

Final Word on Turquoise Statement Necklaces

Whether you choose a simulated or real turquoise piece, you’re making a statement with one of these necklaces.

They’re great for a casual or formal occasion depending on the style of turquoise stone you choose. The beauty of statement pieces is that they match with any style outfit.

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