Unique Wedding Band Designs For Him And Her

Even if you’ve already decided on the material and polish of your wedding or engagement band, you might be surprised to find out that wedding and engagement rings can be be customized even more!  There is a wide variety of different styles of wedding bands and we have compiled some of our most favorite below.


Curved wedding bands can be worn as a setting for an engagement ring or independently as a unique and delicate ring. This wedding ring style is much thinner than a traditional band and has a single curve that is designated to loop around the center stone of a bigger ring. Many brides purchase two curved bands, which can be plain or encrusted with diamonds or your favorite gem, and get them welded to surround their existing engagement ring – this new ring then becomes their wedding band.


Unfortunately curved wedding bands don’t come in certain metals, such as tungsten and titanium, because the strength of the metal is too high to allow it to form the divot that characterizes this style. Curved wedding bands are ideal for brides and grooms on a budget, or for those that do not wish to purchase a wedding band that will overshadow their existing engagement ring.


Eternity bands, oftentimes referred to as infinity bands, are traditional wedding bands with the addition of an unbroken chain of evenly sized and cut diamonds or gemstones around their circumference. Eternity bands have a timeless appeal and are the traditional gift of the first wedding anniversary – though today many women choose these beautiful pieces of jewelry as a wedding ring or an addition to their stacked ring!


Eternity bands can be slightly cumbersome as a result of the diamonds/gemstones and settings snagging on loose items – these diamonds or gemstones can consequently also become loose or dislodged. As a result, while we adore the aesthetic of eternity rings, we recommend don’t recommend them as engagement or wedding bands. If an eternity wedding band is the only way for you, however, many brides and grooms opt into the option of an eternity band that is only bejeweled halfway, cutting the price in half and making it more wearable on a daily basis.

Knife Edge

Knife Edge wedding bands are relatively similar to normal wedding bands in their fit, differing only in a slight variation in thickness on the inner portion of the band (the part that touches the finger), and tapering off into a point as it reaches the outside portion of the band.


The point, or edge, can vary based on preference – some people choose a sharp edge while others prefer a more tapered off aesthetic. There is a number of positive attributes associated with a knife edge band – particularly the fact that it is accommodating to lengthy engravings due to it’s thickness and the fact that it allows for a majority of the same settings and gemstones that a traditional band does.


Stacked wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular as more newlyweds are seeking out options that allow them to express their personality. Stacked wedding bands actually consist of two different style variations. The first variation of a stacked wedding band is a traditional band welded together with curved or intricately designed wedding bands surrounding it.


The second variation of stacked wedding bands is, quite literally, the process the stacking desirable bands together to form one big piece – typically this process consists of an array of eternity bands with one or two statement pieces and the engagement ring. Though undoubtedly unique and eye-catching, this style can become tedious for everyday wear and we recommend ‘practicing’ with inexpensive statement rings before finalizing your decision to go down the route of a stacked wedding band.


Spinning wedding bands are becoming an increasingly popular option for male wedding and engagement bands. This style consists of a traditional wedding band that has a second, free moving, band inlaid into it. This second inlaid band spins within the original wedding band.


Spinning engagement or wedding rings are popular for various reasons, but primarily due to the variety of ways they can be personalized – some may consist of different metals, others might consist of similar metals but one with intricate designs and the other without, and even others might consist of plain bands and eternity bands. If this unique wedding band has one downfall it is the difficulty of repairing it once it becomes damaged and stops spinning. Despite that, Spinning bands are one of our favorite alternatives for male wedding or engagement rings!


A twisted wedding band style comes in a wide variety of looks! Generally speaking, twist wedding bands are composed of two interwoven styles or colors of metal or gemstones to create one cohesive piece. The combination possibilities are endless allowing for twisting a metal with a metal, a metal with an eternity band, an eternity band with an eternity band, and so on.


Twisted wedding bands are a wonderful and easy choice for a bride or groom that has trouble deciding between varying styles or for one that would like to add his or her own touch to the ring!

Sue Fox

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