Engraving Your Purity or Celibacy Ring

Engraving Your Purity or Celibacy Ring

When choosing your purity ring, you’re likely to have your heart set on a certain style of ring, but it might not seem tailored for the serious, sacred duty you’d like it to perform, so to speak. Any ring can be tailored to be a purity ring based on the outer symbolism and the engraving on the interior of the ring itself. Some wearers will even choose a simple band and have the engraving on the outside for everyone to see their commitment.

how to engrave a purity ring

Whether you choose to have your promise of purity visible to everyone or hidden behind the band is a completely personal choice. Either way, engraving helps you personalize your message to yourself and the promise you’ve made.

Potential Quotes and Sayings to Engrave

  • “Purity”
  • “True Love Waits”
  • “I Am My Beloved’s”
  • “Love is Patient”
  • “All in its Own Time”
  • “Promised”
  • “When the Time is Right”
  • “Intention”

celibacy ring engraving

Engraving Tools – Hand Engraving or Machine?

There are a few ways to engrave your purity or chastity ring. There’s hand engraving, machine engraving, and laser engraving as your choices to inscribe the ring with special meaning. The choice can depend on your personal preference as well as the materials used and the space available for the inscription.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving involves someone holding a device in their hand and using it like a pen. It’s a pneumatic graver that can be pushed around the surface of the ring itself. The engraver will have a machine hold the item to be engraved, and the operator will direct the operation of the graver while looking through a microscope. While it does involve machines, the letters are done without the assistance of the machines to craft the letters. There is the chance that there could be mistakes with this kind of engraving.

Here’s a video showing some fairly complicated hand engraving done by hand.  You obviously need to have the right tools, and you need to be very careful.  Still, it can be done and this video might inspire you to take the steps to do it!

Machine Engraving

With machine engraving, you’re choosing a font and the machine is delivering the exact font you’ve selected. There’s less of a chance of error with machine engraving, but there’s a limit in the style of font, too.

Watch this video below to see how engraving is done on a ring with a machine.  If you are interested in buying your own ring engraving machine, there are a few over here on Amazon that are priced to sell and high quality, like this OrangeA Ring Engraver.

Laser Ring Engraving

Some pieces cannot be engraved because of the material. Instead, laser engraving is used, which is also called etching. Wood, leather and titanium requires laser etching to be done by a machine to get anything written on the interior of the ring if it’s made of wood or titanium, which are common ring materials.

Here’s a video that shows how laser ring engraving works.  It is a little bit complicated for your average person, but there are professionals who know how to do it.

How to Have it Engraved

You’ll need to decide how you want it engraved. You might want a more personalized, handwritten style for the interior of the ring, which is very trendy right now. If you’d rather have a uniform style font that leaves no room for error, machine engraving would be a good choice. For titanium rings, you’ll need to consider etching instead.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of engraving you’d like done on the ring, you’ll need to figure out whether you want it to be done by someone local or sent out to a company that will engrave it for you. A local jeweler has advantages since you can often get the ring back quickly. For some types of engraving, you can wait and watch them do the engraving in front of you. It can be truly special to see the engraving develop before your eyes.

true love waits gold purity ring

Best Rings for Engraving

Aside from the etching of titanium, any metal can be engraved. When ordering the ring, you can decide whether you’d like it to be engraved before it is delivered to your home. From stainless steel to gold, silver or palladium, any metal can be engraved with the font of your choice. Those metals can’t be laser engraved.

Materials like yellow, white or rose gold are soft and are easily manipulated under the hand-held graver while other metals will be better when they are placed under the machine engraver.

The size of the band itself has more influence on the engraving than the type of metal you choose. If the ring is too small, the engraving will be nearly invisible. The perfect width for engraving is between 4 and 6 mm, and on the large end of the spectrum, you will have room for two lines of text. This will give you more space for engraving song lyrics or scriptures that are important to you.

10 k gold celibacy ring

Costs of Ring Engraving

The costs of engraving will vary widely based on who is doing the engraving, how many letters, and the type of material being engraved. While we would love to give you exact costs, they vary too widely for us to do that. Some engravers charge by the letter and can range between $50 and $100 while others can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars.

Always shop around and get quotes before choosing the engraver for the ring. Have a plan for what you’d like to have engraved, the type of font you’d like, and whether you’d like to have a symbol in there, too. All of that will influence the engraving.

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