Morganite Purity Ring for daughter

Morganite Purity Rings – Affordable Options For Girls

When it comes to purity rings, there are many affordable Morganite celibacy rings because the stone itself often means the promise of something innocent and pure. The pink energy of the Morganite stone enhances the love in a person’s life, and is attuned to the heart chakra. First, let’s talk about what a purity ring is, then we can discuss how the stone itself embodies confidence, peace, purity, and innocence.

morganite celibacy ring

What is a Purity Ring?

It might seem like an outdated concept, but many religious and spiritual people find that it’s a much-needed part of a society that places too much emphasis on sex before marriage. The purity ring is a pledge between a child and his or her parent that promises the child will be pure and abstain from pre-marital sex.

purity rings for girls

The purity or chastity ring is a symbol of that promise, and it’s also meant to be a reminder. Since sex among teens can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, the parents who propose a purity ring are trying to keep their child from engaging in risky behaviors.

This is a ring that can be worn by couples, too. It’s much like a promise ring in that the couple decides to be chaste and pure for each other in anticipation of their wedding day.

Purity Ring vs Promise Ring

A purity ring means that there is a promise that the person wearing the ring won’t engage in sexual activity before marriage vows. It can be a ring between a parent and child due to religious and spiritual beliefs, or it can be a ring exchanged between a couple that won’t have sex before they’re married.

A promise ring isn’t the promise of chastity. It’s a promise that the couple will be together. It might be a promise to get married one day. The promise ring is much like a pre-engagement ring in that case.

guarded heart cornerstone jewelry designs

Who Wears Purity Rings?

A Purity Ring  for daughter, sons, or a couple is a sign that they won’t engage in sex prior to marriage. It doesn’t always necessarily mean they have to remain a virgin. Some couples might have engaged in sex previously, but have decided to keep themselves chaste for each other in the relationship as a sign of devotion and special meaning.

Chastity Ceremonies / Purity Balls

Purity Balls have begun to spring up around the U.S., and they’re slightly controversial in nature. The balls are often between daughters and fathers. The girls are dressed in dressed that have a slight wedding feel to them while being presented with a purity ring for daughter by their fathers. In fact, it’s a religious or spiritual promise that the daughters initiate as a way to affirm their faith.

purity ball chastity ceremony

Morganite Rings as Purity Rings

When choosing a Morganite ring as a purity symbol, the stone is as much a part of the symbolism as the purpose of the ring itself. The pastel pink or peach hue of the Morganite crystal is meant to bring love into a person’s life. The wearer can expect to bring the love of their higher being as well as love of family and the love of a special person into their lives while wearing a Morganite crystal stone.

morganite purity ring for daughter

Engraving A Message For A Personal Touch

Now, you may find the perfect Morganite ring that you would like to use as a chastity or purity ring, but it lacks the personal touch to make it absolutely perfect.  Perhaps some engraving on the ring might be necessary, a purity ring is often a combination of things – the symbolism of the ring (heart, cross, etc), combined with an engraved message (“True love waits”, for example).  In such a case, where you have found the perfect Morganite ring, except for the engraving, you might want to purchase the ring and then invest in the engraving after the fact, so that it has the exact message you prefer.

With the personalized engraving, you have a few different options.  One is to engrave the message yourself, which is a lost art these days.

The final and probably most likely option is to take the ring to a professional and have it engraved.  This option is perfect, in a sense, because then you can focus on finding the perfect Morganite ring that has the style and look you want, and take care of the engraving after the fact.  We will admit, it can be difficult to find a purity ring that is made using Morganite and has the perfect message inscribed upon it.

In terms of prices, your best bet might be to choose to have the ring engraved by hand by a professional.  This will cost more, but it will ensure that you get the best possible results.  Machines are cheaper (by the character), and that of course reflects in the results.

The metal you choose for the purity or chastity ring can influence the final outcome when it comes to the engraving. Whether you choose to have it done by hand or machine engraved, you’ll need to understand how the metal will react to the process. For example, gold is soft, and reacts beautifully to hand engraving while tungsten can’t be engraved. It has to be etched with a laser, but symbols and pictures can be added using a laser technique.

Sterling Silver

This sterling silver heart promise ring can be purchased as a purity ring. It’s in the shape of a heart, which is in line with the love between parents and child, and between the child and her higher power. It’s a champagne colored simulated Morganite, which makes it incredibly affordable while being a stunning color. It’s available in sizes 5 through 9, and the band is wide enough for one line of engraving unless you have it done by a professional who specializes in small engravings.

Sterling Silver Heart Promise Ring

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Morganite is a great gemstone that always looks better when it’s set in a metal like rose gold. This particular ring has a simple gemstone surrounded by white topaz stones. The main stone is in a bezel setting, so it won’t easily fall out of the ring. This is vital since the purity ring would be on the finger of a young girl who is likely to be active. She wouldn’t want to lose the stone. This ring’s rose gold is plated with sterling silver underneath, so it won’t be as expensive as a solid gold ring.

The stones are all heat treated to enhance the color and strengthen the stones. This Morganite stone is a good cut natural stone measuring 7 mm x 5 mm. It comes with a gift box for presentation purposes, too.

rose gold plated morganite ring

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Stainless Steel

A simple infinity symbol in a stainless steel band is a great ring for a young girl to wear as a purity ring. It speaks to her forever bond with her parents and love of family. Stainless steel is a durable material that can easily be engraved, and this simple ring makes a huge statement without being overpowering.

This ring is a shiny silver color that measures 6 mm wide. It’s the perfect width for an inscription to your daughter, or she can decide on what she would like engraved onto the ring. The smooth surface of the ring means that it can be inscribed on the interior or exterior. The swoops of the infinity symbol itself makes a great canvas for the wording you’d like. It’s available in sizes 6 through 11, but isn’t resizable.

Silver Stainless Steel Infinity Symbol Wedding Band Engagement Rings

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Tungsten Carbide

The tungsten ring is a durable material that is perfect for the young girl who normally beats up on her jewelry. This ring is an important symbol, which needs to be protected from breaking since it will be worn for years. Engraving on the tungsten material isn’t hard, but it can’t be done by a machine used for other materials. The only way to engrave on tungsten is with a laser. You’ll have to find a professional who specializes in laser engraving for the ring.

This tungsten ring has a channel of pink stones that most girls will absolutely love. The band of the ring is wide enough for any engraving you might like on the interior of the ring. It’s a terrific choice for a durable purity ring that will last for years.

King Will 4mm Unisex Pink Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring Wedding Band Polished Finish Comfort Fit

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This is a great material for a young girl’s purity ring. It’s a bit different, too. The ring has a tension setting for the stone itself. You can choose from a variety of stones like white topaz, peridot, mystic topaz and amethyst. They’re all in the shape of a heart, which embodies the love you have for her as well as the love she has for herself, and her higher power.

It’s a 5 mm ring, which allows enough space on the interior for engraving. The metal is aerospace-grade titanium, which makes it incredibly durable. It’ll stand up against any beating that a young girl can give it.

New 5 mm Tension Set Titanium Ring with Heart Gemstone

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If you were to choose a solid platinum ring, you’d end up spending hundreds of dollars on the ring itself. You want a durable ring that won’t cost a bundle because young girls are prone to lose their possessions. Plus, you don’t want to send her to school with a valuable ring on her finger.

This is a platinum-plated sterling silver ring that perfectly embodies the symbolism of the purity ring. It’s an infinity symbol twined with a heart. It’s available in sizes 4 through 12. Out of all the choices on the list, this is one of the best choices because of the perfect symbolism that the ring represents.

925 Sterling Silver Ring High Polish Cubic Zirconia Infinity and Heart Tarnish Resistant Comfort Fit Ring

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How is the Ring Worn?

The purity ring is a promise to wait for marriage, so it should really be no surprise that it’s worn on the same finger as a wedding ring would be worn. Once the person is married, the wedding band would take the place of the purity ring.

What Makes the Ring Purity?

The purity ring is more about the symbolism. The ring that’s chosen can be made of any kind of material. They’re often simple rings that can be engraved or have simple love knots, small stones, or infinity symbols. The wearer or the couple that decide to exchange rings can pick a symbol that has special meaning for them.

In some cases, the child might decide to pick a religious symbol for the ring like a cross. A Morganite purity ring is one that symbolizes abstinence, chastity, and the promise of a pure, innocent life until marriage.

morganite three stone rose gold

It might come as a surprise by people who don’t know much about chastity or purity rings, but the concept is often initiated by the child who has a deep spiritual need to make a promise to his or her parents as well as their higher power. The rings are not forced on children based on the parent’s spiritual and religious beliefs, but as a family unit, they decide that the promise of purity is valuable for the child.

As for couples that choose purity and chasteness before marriage, it’s a mutual decision based on religion or the need to create a special bond that hasn’t been shared with anyone else. It’s thought to elevate the relationship to a higher level.

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