The Metaphysical And Healing Powers Of Tourmaline

Gemstones have always been believed to hold powers that extend beyond the sheer beauty they lend to wedding or engagement bands – these powers range from spiritual ones to the healing of physical and mental ailments. Tourmaline is one of the most essential stones in this aspect, though each shade of this versatile stone holds metaphysical powers that are independent from the others.

Pink/Red Tourmaline (Rubellite)

rubellite tourmaline

Emotionally, rubellite provides emotional balance and brings an individual wearing this gemstone a sense of calm through the ability to control their anxiety and stress. Rubellite is also believed to attract passion and love to its wearer while providing them with energy and positivity.

Rubellite is also commonly used as a physical ailment believed to aid in fertility, back pains and diseases of the immune system. Due in large to its ability to harmonize feminine energies, Rubellite is believed to restore youth and shin to damaged nails and brittle hair!

rubellite ring

Rubellite as decoration in the household is believed to attract harmful radiation from daily appliances, such as a microwave, and due to its ability to subdue the effects of radiation, is believed to subdue the queasiness that results from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Orange & Yellow Tourmaline

yellow tourmaline

Orange Tourmaline Meaning

Orange tourmaline is believed to purify the body, mind and soul. Emotionally, yellow and orange tourmaline balances the emotions that result from menstruation and, physically, aid in the associated pain. Orange and Yellow tourmaline is also believed to contribute to self awareness and reflection and, as such, encourage and promote spiritual growth.

Green Tourmaline

green tourmaline 115 carats

Green Tourmaline is a popular metaphysical stone that ranges widely in its physical, mental and spiritual properties.

Mentally, green tourmaline is believed to promote creativity and the motivation to follow through on it. Green tourmaline also aids in the ability to mentally overcome emotional instability or resentment towards male figures, making it an important stone for those who need to make amends with a male figure in their present or past. Green Tourmaline is often called the Growth Crystal and, as such, it helps to aid in personal growth – whether that be growth within one’s family unit, ones friendships or one’s business relationships. As a growth crystal, green Tourmaline is a popular garden stone that is believed to cause plants to flourish.

Physically, green tourmaline aides in an array of ailments. This green gemstone helps reinvigorate and individual’s senses, particularly the sense of scent and is believed to help reduce the effects of allergies or sinuses. Because it’s ability to aid in creativity and motivation, green Tourmaline is also a popular stone in healing chronic fatigue and, though ironically, its ability to help calm the mind is believed to help aid those struggling with insomnia.

Brown Tourmaline

dravite brown tourmaline from australia

Brown Tourmaline, also known as Dravite, is believed to have grounding properties, both mentally and physically. This stone is believed to promote both self awareness and self acceptance, and is therefore used to help aid in mental diseases that result in self-harm and unhealthy addictions.

Brown Tourmaline is also used to help aid the families of those suffering from self-harm and addiction by promoting the sense of understanding and the thought process of unity and working together.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline is historically popular amongst psychics and magicians as a stone of protection against evil spirits and worldly demonic presence. This stone is still commonly used for similar purposes and is believed to alleviate thoughts of anger, negativity and hatred. Through its ability to protect against harmful spirits and thoughts, Black Tourmaline is believed to create feelings of clarity, understanding and acceptance.

Black Tourmaline is a grounding Crystal believed to ground one’s own spiritual presence with their earthly one – this ability of black Tourmaline affords its wearer the ability to concentrate more efficiently.

Black Tourmaline, through its protective and grounding properties, is believed to help aid in a wide array of mental disabilities, particularly anxiety and attention deficit disorder.

Watermelon Tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline, also commonly referred to as Elbaite, has the metaphysical ability to balance male and female mentalities, and thus, allows its wearer to tap into ideas and thoughts that are a combination of creative and practical.

Elbaite had an array of attributes that aid the mind! This form of tourmaline is believed to aid in feelings of insecurity and self doubt, and thus, promoting confidence, motivation and pride. What more, watermelon tourmaline promotes empathy and compassion and is believed to attract love and happiness.

Because of its numerous abilities to help treat the mind, watermelon tourmaline is a popular stone for alleviating the effects of hyperactivity, multiple personality diseases and paranoia.


We thoroughly enjoy providing our readers with the most in depth information we can on all things connected to wedding and engagement rings – this knowledge extends to the many physical traits of individuals gemstones and minerals, as well as their metaphysical ones. While we find the information fascinating and love sharing it with our readers, we are not doctors and, many individuals and cultures believe in the physically healing powers of crystals, it is still important to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist before looking to crystal healing as a form of alternative medicine.

Are we missing something? Have you ever had a metaphysical experience with tourmaline? We’d love to hear your feedback! Post your Tourmaline related questions, thoughts or comments in the comment section below.

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