Pear Shape Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Shape Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Pros and Cons

The pear shape diamond cut is known as a modified brilliant cut diamond, which is a combination of two different cuts. Those cuts are the marquise cut and the round brilliant. It combines the best of both cuts into an interesting diamond shape.

Pear shape diamonds have to be evenly cut since the parts of the curve should match on the shoulders. The typical length of the pear cut ranges from 1.40 to 1.70, and the choice of ratio is often a personal preference. Some women like long diamonds while others want wider diamonds.

pear shaped cut ring

Pros of a Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Unconventional Shape

When it comes to choosing a pear shape diamond cut engagement ring, you’re getting an unconventional cut. This leads to a shape and a ring that isn’t the same as everyone else’s ring. You won’t be comparing rings with female coworkers and seeing the same type of diamond. This is great for women who want to stand out in a crowd.

Changes Based on Direction

The point of the pear can face towards the wearer, which results in a shape that is the traditional pear. The point can face away from the wearer and result in a beautiful teardrop shape. In one ring, you get two different types of style. On any given day, you could change the direction of the point and feel as if you have a new ring.

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Great Vintage-Inspired Designs

The cut has been around since the 1900s, but it can be the center stone in a beautiful vintage design that is inspired from that era. For women who aren’t looking for trendy cuts like the princess, the pear shape is a fantastic vintage style.

Slims the Finger

For many women, the slimming aspects of the pear shape cut is what makes it the most appealing. The elongated shape of the ring makes the ring finger appear longer and leaner whether it’s worn with the point down or away from the body. The way its worn will depend on what the woman likes and appeals to her.

Lower Demand

With the lower demand of the pear shaped cut diamond engagement ring, you’ll be able to find the type of ring that appeals to you. In other cuts, you’ll be competing with others to find the best diamonds. This lower demand means there will be a better supply of beautiful pear shape cuts for the exact engagement ring that you want.

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Price is Low

The same lower demand that will make more rings available for more women will also reduce the price of the diamond. A 1 carat brilliant round might cost thousands while a 1 carat pear shape will be a fraction of the cost. That cost depends on the diamonds and metal that accompanies the pear shape diamond, too.

Cons of the Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

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Bow-Tie Effect

With some diamonds, you’ll get a bow tie effect that will mar the interior of the diamond. It’s a light to dark shadow that looks like a bow tie inside the diamond. While some people think the bow tie gives the diamond character, others don’t appreciate anything blocking the light of the diamond. The pear shape cut will always have a bow tie effect, but in some diamonds it’s more pronounced.


As mentioned previously, the shoulders or upper curves of the pear cut should be symmetrical. In some bad cuts, you’ll see two shoulders that don’t match. While this isn’t common, it can happen with some bad cutters. It’s vital to be aware of this problem.

Pointed Tip

The pointed tip of the diamond is prone to breakage. It’s also the spot where there can be inclusions or flaws because it’s the spot that was closest to the edge of the raw diamond before it was cut. You can minimize damage by having an extra prong to protect the fragile point of the diamond.

High Quality

This is a pro and a con in our opinion. You need to have a high quality diamond with a pear cut that has a clarity above SI1 and a color of H on the GIA scale. A beautiful pear shape diamond cut show inclusions and flaws in diamonds of lower quality. This means you can get a high clarity, nearly flawless diamond as a pear shape cut and pay less than other cuts.

Tsavorite garnet & heart shaped diamond ring in rose gold - 3.39ct pear cut tsavorite

The pear shape cut diamond engagement ring is a unique, nontraditional cut that can appeal to many women if they are a bit unconventional or want a large diamond. You’ll get more diamond for the price when purchasing this unusual shape. The slimming effect as well as the ability to wear it in either direction makes it a great diamond for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd with her engagement ring.

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