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Princess Cut Engagement Rings Pros And Cons

The princess cut has been around since the 1970s, so it’s relatively new when compared to other types of cuts that have been around for hundreds of years. The princess cut can be one of the least common types of cuts, too. Really fantastic, brilliant and flashy princess cut engagement rings are rare, yet the price isn’t terribly high compared to other cuts.

princess cut pros and cons

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Pros

Less Expensive than Some Cuts

When compared to some of the other cuts, the princess is less expensive. Cutting of the diamond with its facets will determine how much is wasted and cut from the diamond itself. This can be a determining factor in the price of the diamond cut.

Hides Blemishes

The facets of the princess cut go a long way towards hiding blemishes. Princess cuts do not accentuate color tinting or inclusions that might be part of the diamond, either. Lower clarity diamonds are less expensive, so when they’re less expensive, and you can’t see the inclusions, tinting or blemishes, you are getting a great diamond for a lower price.

Flash and Fire

The flash and fire of the princess cut rivals the cut of a round brilliant. This makes the princess cut comparable to the round brilliant in terms of flashy diamonds that will really catch the eye. While many brides claim that the round brilliant is the flashiest diamond that really reflects and sparkles, they likely haven’t seen a great princess cut with numerous facets. The number of facets is the key.

Solitaire Perfection

Some diamonds cannot really stand as a great solo diamond. The princess cut makes a great solitaire for a traditional engagement ring. It’s perfect for the woman who wants a more timeless, traditional ring, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Modern Cut

Along with being a great solitaire, it’s a modern cut that still stands as a timeless one. It has the flexibility to be both timeless yet modern. Depending on the type of woman and her preference, she can find a princess cut to be timeless and classic while also being modern, which is a boon to many brides who have a hard time deciding on the look they’re going for in a ring.

Great as a Halo or With Baguettes

The versatility of this cut is one of its best qualities. A princess cut looks stunning with a halo of diamonds or tapered baguettes. Your engagement ring doesn’t have to be a solitaire to be stunning. It can look unique and catch the eye with a more complicated setting and diamond surrounds.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Cons


One of the biggest, and perhaps, the only real flaw of the princess cut ring is that the corners can get banged around, which means they can fall out of the setting. A good jeweler can create a setting that will protect the corners. He or she might also be able to chamfer the stone, which removes a very small amount of the corners to protect it without altering the shape.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring20

Extra Care of the Corners

When you have to care for the corners of the diamond, you cannot choose a setting that leaves them bare. That limits the types and styles of settings you can get for your diamond. You’ll also need to make sure the light isn’t blocked with the setting itself.

Limited Availability

This doesn’t have to be a con. When a princess cut, or any other cut, has limited availability yet it doesn’t raise the price, that’s a great attribute. You’re getting a style of ring that are not the same as anyone else.

If you look around your office, the gym or a restaurant, you’ll see plenty of women with a round diamond ring. When you see one with a princess cut engagement ring, you’ll likely see a unique woman that stands out in the crowd. She’s not afraid to buck trends and do her own thing.

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