Ring – Way To A Girl’s Heart

by: Alyssa Benefield

I have never been a jewelry type of girl, I have always seemed to misplace all my jewelry when I wear accessories. It was till I got a ring with much meaning and love that I realized just how much a ring can mean.

exchanging promise rings

Meaning And Significance Of A Ring

Let me first tell you, I do not know much about diamonds or metals or care about how much the jewelry I wear costs, so I won’t sit here and act like I know things I do not; but what I do know is how sentimental a ring can be when it signifies love or a promise. I have received two rings in my life one from my parents and the other for a ex long term partner. It was not till I received these rings that I began to be interesting the meaning of a ring. Why is it when you love someone you put a ring on them? And why is it on the left hand “ring finger”? Keeping these questions in the back of mind while I wore my beautiful sparkling ring I decided I would look into the answers.

interlocking heart promise rings

It turns out that a ring is put on the person you love because it is a circle and a circle is never ending, which can signify a love or promise you make to that person. The reason it is worn on the left hand on the ring finger is because that is the only finger that has a vein running to your heart; I found this fascinating because I am a nursing student and am interested in anatomy.  This also made my rings even more special to me because every time I put it on my finger I understand that this gift signifies a meaning that no other gift can. It is connected to my heart, my thoughts, my memories and everything that our relationship stands for.

Every Ring Tells A Story

Anyone can sell you a ring with the most precious metals and the most expensive diamonds, or tell you facts about how a ring is made; but can someone explain the meaning and the importance behind every ring. Think about the fact that every ring has a story, every ring signifies something when it is given to a loved one.


My ring given to me by my parents has a different meaning than the ring I was given by my ex-lover, yet both had an equal importance to me. Both stood for love, but different kinds of love.


The point I’m trying to get to is rings are much more than a fashion statement when given by the right person. This makes them a very desirable gift for someone you may want to show is important to you, because every day when they look down and see that ring it is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry; it is a beautiful sign of love that is placed so beautiful above the vein that keeps you alive that is connected to your heart, memories, and love.

Sue Fox

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