Rings Of Special Significance – A Personal Story by Jasmine Harihar Patel

by: Jasmine Harihar Patel

The green seaglass has two cracks in it now, but the ring is still one of my favorites. My dad found the seaglass on his lunch break one day. It is the shape of a pentagon. I took it to the lady’s house and we turned it into one of the most precious things I own. We used argentium because she liked the way it fused better than silver. In fact, we did not even have to use solder. I loved making jewelry, it was so relaxing. I engraved the back with the year 2015 because it was the second day of the brand new year. This is the ring I wear on my left middle finger.

green seaglass ring

Photos courtesy of Jasmine Harihar Patel

The ring that I wear on my right thumb will never come off. It is real 23 Carat gold and just a little bit too small. It is in the shape of an arrow: So straight but wrapped into a circle. The tip and the tail touch as if they were vectors being added. I bought a plastic one with this same design in Kyoto, Japan three years ago for 310 yen. When it broke I gave the two halves to my grandmother who took it to India and got it made in real gold. Now my thumb ring is my grandmother with me at all times.

I have two sterling silver rings on my right middle finger. One is a spiral circle design and the other is the shape of Maui with a heart cut out of the middle. Maui is my island and my heart will always be inside it. I got this ring when I graduated high school and would soon move away. The two rings go good together. The spiral is openness and adventure and all of the things to come. Maui is home and happiness and comfort. They are the balance that I strive to achieve.

personal rings of significance

Photos courtesy of Jasmine Harihar Patel

The two birds face each other on my right ring finger. The color of the ring is gold but you can see the copper starting to show through underneath. I got this treasure in West Virginia. My best friend lives a country and an ocean away but we are still two birds. When I went to see her in the mountain state of WV, she got a ring with real West Virginia coal and I got the ring with the two birds. They were two millimeters apart and facing each other. I may be physically far away, but at heart there are not even two millimeters between us.

rings of personal significance

Photos courtesy of Jasmine Harihar Patel

The one on my left thumb is one I made. In the summer when I was fourteen and my sister was eleven we made jewelry. We found shells on the beach and drilled holes in them and then put them on silver wire and soldered. We made lots and lots of bangles. We sold them at the farmers market up the street from our house. When there was a little piece left I made a ring with a shell. It is our summer entrepreneurship adventures.

It is the little things and the little rings that make me who I am.

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