T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron review

The T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron Review – Will You Love It?

The T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron has 1.5″ straightening plates made of tourmaline and ceramic. This gives the flat iron a smooth straightening surface. Some flat irons can pull and jerk as you’re using them, but that won’t happen with the T3. This flat iron was created to be used specifically with coarse, curly, and hard-to-straighten hair.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron review

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T3 Single Pass X 1.5″ Wide Iron Accessories

The T3 comes with accessories to make it much easier to straighten your hair. First, there are two alligator clips that are made of a strong, durable material specifically meant to be used with coarse or unruly hair. There’s also a heat mat that will protect your furniture from the heat of the device when you’re resting it between uses. Between the heat mat and the one-hour shutoff, there should never be any heat-related accidents with the T3.

Features and Specifications of the T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron

  • 1.5 inch plates
  • 5 heat settings (260 F to 410 F)
  • World voltage 120/240V
  • 9-foot swivel cord
  • One-hour shutoff
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Internal microchip for even heat
  • 2-year warranty
  • User guide

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Lights and Audio

When you first press the power button on your T3, you’ll hear a melody that lets you know the iron is powered. Along with the sounds, you’ll also see lights on the side of the flat iron. When it’s first used, it’ll heat up to 395 degrees F, but you can change that with a press of the button. Each heat setting is visible in a light-up bar on the side of the device. Once you pick a setting, the device will start to cycle through sounds and lights until it’s at the desired temperature. At that time, it’ll stay lit and the T3 symbol will be solidly lit, too. You can turn off the audio by holding the power button after turning on the device.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Heat Settings

The first two heat settings are best for fine hair or hair that’s been treated. Levels 3 and 4 are meant for normal hair that isn’t too coarse or curly. The fifth and highest level of heat is reserved for coarse, curly and hard to manage hair. When you use the flat iron for the first time, start at the lowest setting. As you learn how your hair will react to the heat of the flat iron, you can adjust the heat settings to a higher temperature.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Even Heat Distribution

Many flat irons have uneven heat in their plates, which leaves your hair with unstraightened parts in each section. This is often why your hair will need 2 or 3 passes with the iron to get it looking smooth, sleek, and straight. The T3 has even heat distribution throughout the entire plate, which ensures that you will only have to give your hair one pass. You’ll be able to leave your home quicker than if you had to give each section multiple passes.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron size

T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron Tutorial

Don’t use any flat iron on damp hair. It’s vital that the hair is completely dry before applying heat from a flat iron. Using the strong alligator clips, section the hair away from the part to be straightened. Start with the hair in the back of the head at the bottom before working your way to the crown of your head.

The sections should be approximately an inch, so the heat can be distributed evenly across the entire section. If it’s too thick or too wide, it won’t be straightened properly. Clamp the plates around the hair as close to the scalp as possible without burning your skin. The T3 doesn’t require more than one pass as long as you have it on the right temperature for your hair. This might require some testing at first, but the beauty of the T3 is that the next time you use the iron, it’ll remember the settings you used previously.

Once you’ve figured out the heat setting, glide the iron down each section slowly and steadily. Don’t jerk or yank the hair as you allow the iron to do its work. It can take some time to learn how to do it properly. You don’t want to clamp the iron too tightly on the hair, or you won’t be able to move it smoothly. You also don’t want to clamp it too loosely since it won’t straighten the hair.

Watch the T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron video tutorial below…

T3 Single Pass Flat Iron – Final Thoughts

The T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron has a lot going for it. It’ll get you out of the house quicker than other flat irons that require more than one pass through each section of hair. The microchip and adjustable heat settings let you customize the amount of heat you’d like to apply to your coarse, unruly hair, too.

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