Sardinian Wedding Rings

Sardinian Wedding Rings – Origins, Uses, and More

by: Claudia Pisano

A lot of mysterious and magical places exist on Earth. Places where magic and ancient legends keep surviving amid the chaos and the noise of the modern world. One of these places is a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; its name is Sardinia. Land of ancient myths, there is one in particular that is tied to the beautiful and sophisticated Sardinian wedding ring.

Sardinian Wedding Rings – Magical Origins

According to legend, Sardinian wedding rings are created by the Janas, tiny Sardinian fairies living inside small caves. It is very common to see their houses in the countryside, though it is very difficult to spot a Jana nowadays.

Sardinian Wedding Rings origins

These little fairies spend their time spinning precious cloths or creating wires made of gold or silver, that they use to make rings and other jewels. When a young man is in love with a girl and wants to ask her to marry him, he visits the Janas and asks for help. They create a beautiful wedding ring, that the future groom has to present his loved one with. The ring must be worn on the left ring finger, because, according to legend, this finger is passed through by a tiny vein – called ‘love vein’ – that connects it to the heart.

Therefore, a Sardinian wedding ring is not a simple symbol for marriage; it is something that raises the engaged couple and their union to a magical and almost metaphysical dimension.

Sardinian Wedding Rings

Sardinian Wedding Rings Uses and Duration

As can be inferred from the legend, Sardinian wedding rings are used in order to officialize a couple’s engagement, but they can be used as a proper wedding ring as well; in this case, the ring is given by the groom to his wife during the wedding ceremony.

However, nowadays there are women who use them even though they are neither engaged nor married, just as normal rings.

Sardinian wedding rings are extremely durable; they are often passed down from generation to generation.

Sardinian Wedding Rings close up

Materials and Creation

Traditionally, Sardinian wedding rings are made of yellow gold, but silver ones are common as well.

They are completely handmade by specialized Sardinian artisans. The creation is very long; first of all, artisans realize a gold (or silver) leaf – which is used for the creation of the proper ring –  and then, they create the decoration. This is made by a special technique called filigree. That means that the decoration is produced by using little twisted wires, made of gold or silver. Artisans use these wires to create very small circles and pellets to be welded on the ring. The decorative motif symbolizes wheat, which is a sign of abundance and prosperity.


Where to Buy a Sardinian Wedding Ring

Every jewelry store in Sardinia sells Sardianian wedding rings. However, some stores sell them online as well and send them everywhere in the world. Alternatively, it is possible to buy them on Amazon or Ebay. The average cost for a gold one is $230; silver ones are much cheaper, around $30.

Choosing a Sardinian wedding ring means to enhance a wedding with an everlasting jewel, in which artisanal work combines with magic and myth, giving birth to a unique wedding ring.

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