Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Pros And Cons

Emerald cut was originally created for emeralds. You don’t get any points for knowing that information, but the cut has been around for hundreds of years. You might not have known that tidbit of info. If you’re considering an emerald cut diamond for your beloved, this pros and cons list should help you with the decision.

emerald cut engagement ring

Pros of the Emerald Cut Diamond

Smooth Surfaces

Other diamond cuts have many angles and cuts while the emerald cut has a large table and few angled cuts that step away from the table itself. These step cuts leave a smoother surface for your diamond to really showcase the color and clarity of the stone.

Unique Design

When it comes to the design style itself, this kind of cut is made for women who want something a bit more understated. The emerald cut is less ostentatious than other kinds of cuts with their flash and brilliance. It’s only when you get in close that you can see how classy the cut is.

Not Trendy

This cut has been around for hundreds of years, so it’s not trendy like some other cuts. For example, there will come a time when the heart cut isn’t a style that any woman will want to wear. She’ll be stuck with that heart-shaped, trendy diamond long after she stops loving it.

emerald cut amertrine ring with white topaz accents in sterling silver

Vivid Flashes

While the emerald cut doesn’t have the flashy fire of a round brilliant, when it’s angled right, the vivid flashes are breathtaking. It’s a cut that works well when the viewer is up close to it.

Great with Surrounding Stones

With the flat sides of the diamond, an emerald cut looks fantastic in a set with other stones on the sides. For example, tapered baguettes are incredibly stunning with this style of diamond.

Less Expensive

The emerald cut isn’t as highly sought after as other cuts, so you’ll be able to buy a larger carat with better quality in an emerald shape. This means you’ll get more diamond for your dollar. That’s a huge plus when it comes to diamonds.

4 carat diamond emerald cut yellow gold thin band

Looks Larger

With the large steps of the emerald diamond cut, the table looks bigger. This gives the illusion of having more diamond. One carat of emerald cut diamond will appear larger than one carat of a round or pear-shaped cut.

Flattering on Slim Fingers

Some styles of diamond cuts look better on some finger sizes and shapes. The emerald cut is flattering on long, slender fingers. This isn’t true of other diamond styles.

Tapered Edges

The edges of an emerald cut are tapered, so you don’t have to worry about catching the corners on the edge of counters. This means you don’t have to worry about sticking with a certain setting, either.

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Cons of the Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Needs to be a Good Clarity and Color

The emerald cut diamond has a large table, which means you can see directly through the diamond. With other cuts, you’re getting the distraction of facets and angles to distract the eye from blemishes. That isn’t the case with emerald cut. You’ll need to have a quality diamond with terrific clarity and color.


This was listed under pro, but for a woman who wants to have a flashy and over-the-top diamond, this isn’t a good choice. You’ll have to know yourself, or your lady, to know whether the emerald is a good choice for you.

emerald cut engagement ring custom art deco

Overall, an emerald cut can be an outstanding choice. You get more diamond for your dollar, but that diamond has to be a fantastic quality and color. You’ll be able to get a classy diamond engagement ring that will be larger than other types of cuts, too. A 1 carat brilliant cut will also look smaller than a 1 carat emerald cut. This is a double bonus when it comes to purchasing a diamond. You’ll get more diamond with an emerald cut, and it’ll look even larger.

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