Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a twist on a round diamond, you really can’t go wrong with an oval cut diamond. It gives you the same sophistication while being a better alternative to a round diamond for a few different reasons. This cut is fairly new since the first originated in the 1960s, and it’s growing in popularity as a great alternative to the classic round diamond. There are way more pros to this cut than there are cons, but here we’ll cover all of them to give you an idea of the potential problems an oval cut may have.

oval cut diamond rings pros and cons

Pros of an Oval Cut

More Affordable than Other Cuts

While oval diamond cuts are rarer than round diamond cuts, they’re more affordable. An oval cut of 1 carat with a color of H and a clarity of VS2 will cost less than a round diamond of 1 carat with the same clarity and color. This is a great thing for those who are budget-conscious. You can purchase a larger diamond in an oval cut, which will give you more diamond for the buck.

They Look Larger than Round Cut Diamonds

Along with getting a larger carat for the amount of money you’re willing to spend, the oval cut looks even larger than the round cut. It’s often surprising to us that anyone would want to go with a round cut diamond after seeing the difference between round cut diamonds and oval cut diamonds.

Bright Shine

Some diamond cuts are shinier and more brilliant than others. When it comes to the bright, shiny diamonds like the Brilliant cuts, oval is right there with the shiniest of them all. They’re cut the same way as brilliant round diamonds, too.

Unique Style Cut

While princess or round diamonds are a classic shape and cut, oval is a newer and more unique cut. It says something about the woman who wears it. An oval cut tells everyone that she isn’t afraid to take chances, loves a classy yet bold cut and is incredibly creative in her life. A woman who isn’t afraid to express her individuality will love an oval cut diamond.

Makes the Finger Appear Thinner

Not every diamond cut will look great on a woman’s finger. There are some cuts that will look amazing on her finger while others will look somewhat “off” even if she’s not quite sure why. An oval diamond has an advantage over other styles. It gives a woman the illusion of longer, thinner fingers, so a woman with short fingers or smaller hands might like her fingers to look longer.

No Sharp Corners

Square diamonds have sharp corners that make them difficult to wear when a woman is doing her hair, working in the home or performing duties for her job. Sharp corners can get caught on the edges of surfaces, which leads to broken edges and broken prongs. Oval diamonds will almost never have that problem. While the prongs might break after a number of years, they’re less likely to break on an oval diamond.

Great Variety of Settings

The oval cut diamond looks great in a 4-prong, 6-prong and bezel setting. In some cases, a bezel and 4-prong setting will keep the diamond secure. You’ll have to decide if the bezel setting will block too much light that will come into the underside of the diamond.

Oval Cut Cons

Bow Tie Effect

In many diamonds, there is this phenomenon called the bow tie effect. Some fancy cut diamonds like the oval, pear, or marquise have a problem with light distribution. This is due to their shape. The light doesn’t enter and penetrate thoroughly through the diamond, so it creates this bow tie effect in the middle of the diamond. It’s difficult to find an oval diamond that doesn’t have one at all, but most oval cuts have a light one that is barely visible.

Shows Flaws

The oval cut is one that will show flaws, blemishes, and inclusions in the diamond itself. This means you’ll have to purchase a certain clarity and color diamond to ensure that it doesn’t have a tint or a blemish in it. On the GIA scale, clarity should be VS1 or above while color should be G or above. On the AGS scale, it should be 1.5 or above for color and 3 or above for clarity.


0.90 Carat Oval Brilliant Center Stone with excellent brilliance

Overall, the oval cut is one of the superior cuts based on the amount of diamond you get for the money as well as the brilliance and shine that is available for this type of cut. Many women choose to get an oval cut that’s over 1 carat because they can afford more diamond for the money they have to spend. When a 1 carat round diamond costs a few hundred to a thousand dollars more than a 1 carat oval diamond, it makes sense to pick the oval, which also looks larger, too.

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