Cleaning and Care of Your Morganite Ring

Cleaning and Care of Your Morganite Ring – Tips for Cloudy Morganite

It’s perfectly clear that all gemstones need special care in order to last longer no matter if we are talking about a diamond, morganite gem, emerald, opal, or another colored gemstone because they all collect dirt especially with every single day of wear, and frequent use of detergents and creams (which additionally damage them).

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The morganite stone is a part of the Beryl mineral family. That's the same mineral family as emerald and aquamarine! Morganite's color is a gorgeous salmon hue and ranges from pink to orange-pink.

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But this doesn’t mean you should not invest in them as well, because they are durable, sparkly, and make every outfit a lot better.

There are some stones that are more high maintenance than others and require cleaning each day to keep them looking their best. Morganite is one of those gemstones that require daily maintenance and care while you’re wearing them, especially if you have an engagement ring that has a morganite stone. 

Since I have already said these gemstones built-up dirt easily, I would also like to share with you the best ways to prolong their life, with some easy clean up you can do at home with an easy cleaning solution like water and soap, water and vinegar, or also baking soda.

Fixing Your Cloudy Morganite

cleaning and care of your morganite ring

There are a few reasons that your Morganite gemstone is turning cloudy and dull. Thankfully, most can be avoided. You should never wear your Morganite engagement ring or morganite jewelry while you’re cleaning. Chemicals can really impact the ring. In fact, that kind of cloudiness and murkiness can be permanent if you’re not careful. Always remove your ring when cleaning around the house.

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Applying hand lotion while wearing your Morganite ring is another way you can end up with a dull gemstone. The lotion ends up all over the stone including the back, which stops light from entering from under the stone. Even if you don’t see the lotion on the stone itself, it’s almost guaranteed that the lotion is covering and blocking the sparkle.

cloudy morganite ring

Dirt and oil is another reason that your Morganite gemstone isn’t as sparkly as the first day you purchased it. The stone itself attracts dirt and oil from the air as well as your skin throughout the day.

Between oil, dirt, and lotion building up and drying on the stone throughout the day, it’s important that you soak and clean the stone every few days to remove that build-up.

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How to Keep Morganite Shiny

  • Avoid Lotions
  • Remove the Ring When Cleaning

How to Clean Morganite

Ingredients Needed:

  • Soft toothbrush
  • Dish soap
  • Bowl of warm water

You don’t need to bring your jewelry to be professionally cleaned frequently. Instead, you can wash your jewelry at home. While some gemstones and metals shouldn’t be cleaned by certain methods, this method works for every kind of jewelry. It doesn’t matter what kind of metal or gemstone since it’s very non-abrasive and gentle.

First, soak the ring in the bowl of warm water. You can squeeze a bit of dish detergent in the water for soaking, too. After soaking for a few minutes, use the soft toothbrush to gently scrub the stone. While you’re scrubbing, don’t forget the back of the stone, too. You should be able to see the grime being removed. Already, the stone should be incredibly sparkly.

If you see that there’s too much grime or the build-up isn’t being removed, you can use a bit of vinegar along with the toothbrush to take the cleaning to the next level. If you’ve waited a long time to clean the ring, you might need to get aggressive with the grime. The times after the first won’t be as bad.

Once the ring is cleaned, shake the water from it and consider grabbing a blow dryer to get the water out of the setting. If you leave water or soap, you could end up with a solution in the setting that will be like a magnet for dirt and oil.

morganite engagement ring rose gold

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The Metal of the Ring

The ring’s metal doesn’t matter with this method. A bit of warm water and soap won’t cause any damage to the ring, whether it’s rose-gold, white-gold, platinum, or silver. As long as the toothbrush you use is soft and doesn’t scrape the stone or the metal.

When Should My Ring be Professionally Cleaned?

There are definitely times when you should bring the ring in for professional cleaning. It should be done a few times a year or when there’s been some kind of trauma to the ring. For example, you might schedule a cleaning at your jeweler every three months unless something terrible happens to the ring.

There are times when cleaning solutions like bleach or ammonia might fall on the ring. While you should rinse it immediately, you don’t want to gemstone to become pocked or pitted due to the chemicals. Having it professionally cleaned means that you know for sure that the chemicals were removed properly.

Heat Exposure and Cleaning

While your Morganite ring will be fine under warm water, it should never be exposed to serious heat. This can cause terrible damage to the gemstone. This means that steam cleaners are not recommended for Morganite. Fractures and liquid inclusions in the stone can cause fissures when not handled properly. It’s highly unlikely that your jeweler will make a mistake, but it’s always best to be an informed customer yourself.

Morganite is a beautiful stone, but it can easily become cloudy and dull if not cleaned properly. Keep the ring away from lotions and cleaning products, and make sure you scrub it every couple of days to keep it from becoming filthy and dull.


Question: Is Morganite a durable gemstone?

Answer: Yes, Morganite is a durable gemstone with 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so this is a great gemstone to wear on an engagement ring, or even as regular jewelry. 

Question: Where can I find a good Morganite engagement ring?

Answer: Morganite is a gemstone with pink color and it can usually be found on reputable seller’s sites like Brilliant Earth, James Allen which also offers instructions on properly cleaning this pale pink gemstone with a simple solution of foamy dish soap and more!

Question: Is pink diamond more expensive than pink morganite?

Answer: Yes, pink diamond is definitely more expensive than morganite and the prices for carat go from $2,000 and up if you want to have this natural stone, instead of pink morganite which comes at $300 per carat.

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