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We’ve covered inexpensive wooden rings for those couples who want to be eco-friendly and invest their money in other things like the wedding itself or their future with a new home and a family. In this post, we’ll be covering our favorite expensive wooden wedding and engagement rings with diamonds. These are lovely rings with diamonds surrounded by wood for those couples who love the rich texture of wood but want a ring that shows the depth of the love they have for each other.

Diamond Solitaire Honduran Rosewood 4mm Titanium Engagement Ring

Diamond Solitaire Honduran Rosewood 4mm Comfort-Fit Titanium Wedding Band

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The domed profile of this solitaire ring is a stunningly rich Honduran rosewood. It has beautiful stripes and deep colors, which is offset by the lightness of the diamond in its solitaire setting. The interior of the ring is a smooth titanium comfort-fit band that cannot be resized. Titanium is offered for those who might have an allergy to other metals.

This artisan sends a ring sizer to ensure that the size is perfect. There’s no way to resize the ring after its created. The ring is available in a variety of sizes from 4 to 16. The diamond is a round with a minimum color of G-H and a minimum clarity of SI1.

14k Yellow Gold Buckeye Burl Diamond and Titanium Wedding Band

Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold, Buckeye Burl 6mm Comfort-Fit Titanium Wedding Band

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One of the most beautiful parts of a wooden ring is that it’s made by hand. You know that an artisan lovingly crafted a wooden ring and added all its details personally. That’s true of this ring. The artisan created the comfort-fit polished Buckeye burl wood next to the white gold bands with a strip of 14k gold in the middle of the two. There are no joints with this band, so it’s a smooth, continuous ring that won’t break or strip from the titanium on the interior.

As part of the process with ordering this ring, you’ll be sent a sizing ring to ensure that you’re choosing the right size. Due to the hardness of titanium and the continuous ring of materials, the ring cannot be resized. This is important to note before buying the ring. This isn’t a quick process, and it’ll take 30 days from the time you verify your sizing. It’s available in sizes 4 through 16, and is perfect for men and women. You’ll be able to have matching rings for your wedding day.

Whiskey Barrel Wood, Copper and Titanium with Diamond

Flush Set Diamond, Whiskey Barrel Wood and Copper 10mm Comfort-Fit Frosted Titanium Wedding Band

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The entire ring is 10 mm wide with brushed and frosted titanium interlaid with 1 mm stripes of whiskey barrel wood, copper and surrounding the diamond is 14k white gold. The diamond is flush with the surface of the ring to ensure there’s no way the diamond can be banged out of its setting. The round diamond is a minimum color of G-H and is not treated in any way. It’s a minimum clarity of SI1 and is 0.10 carats.

The ring is available in sizes 4 through 16, and the creator will send special sizing rings to ensure you pick the right size. There’s no way to resize the ring after purchase, so keep this in mind when ordering your ring.

Gibeon Meteorite with Blackwood and Moissanite

Charles & Colvard Moissanite, Gibeon Meteorite, African Blackwood 8mm Comfort-Fit Titanium Wedding Band

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While this isn’t a diamond wooden ring, we had to include this one on the list. It’s made with 9 moissanites along the band, but what makes this ring amazing is the fact that the stripes on the exterior are made of such unique materials. While the interior is created using medical-grade titanium that is hypoallergenic, the stripes on the exterior are made of blackwood and meteorite. The Gibeon Meteorite fell in prehistoric times in Africa. The debris field was miles wide, and that meteorite was used to create this ring. Who wouldn’t want to have a conversation about meteorites when people ask about your ring?

Along with the meteorite in your ring, it’s made with moissanite, which is another out-of-this-world material. Over 50,000 years ago, a meteorite hit the Earth in Arizona, and the material was found to be much like a diamond but with a shine and radiance that surpasses the diamond. This stunner measures 8 mm and is available in a variety of sizes to fit any finger. The artisan will send a ring sizer to ensure you get the right fit before ordering. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the complete process.

It can’t be denied that on this list are some of the most beautiful rings with wood and diamonds, but they’re also the most creatively unique. When you walk into a room wearing a ring like this, there’s no way you won’t receive numerous questions about where you bought it, and why you chose wood and diamonds for your wedding band. Choosing wood and diamond means you’re asking for a conversation piece that will attract people and cause them to question their own wedding band choices!

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