Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

When choosing a wedding band, you want to be sure that the metal will be durable, last for a very long time, and make you incredibly happy. While tungsten is a newer material to the wedding band market, it’s one that can last a lifetime. As a symbol of your new marriage, you want a metal that will last.

tungsten carbide wedding band pros and cons

There are plenty of options for stylish rings, but we should talk about the tungsten carbide wedding band pros and cons of choosing this material for your wedding ring.


1. They’re Less Expensive

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are less expensive than other options like platinum or gold. When you’re spending thousands on your wedding, there are places where you’ll want to save money. Picking a Tungsten carbide band is a terrific way to increase your budget for other items.

2. Never Turns Colors

Unlike some other inexpensive metals, tungsten will never change colors on your finger. It’ll stay true to the original color for years, which means you won’t have to worry about getting it cleaned constantly.

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3. No Bending

Other metals – like gold for example – can bend over time. Gold rings are soft metals that can become flat or warped over time and constant wear. Tungsten is a durable, hard metal that won’t bend or contort from its original shape.

4. Harder than Other Metals

The metal is harder than others like titanium. Your wedding ring will look the same the day you buy it, as it will on your 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, it’ll only need to be polished once. Other times, you can use water to rinse and wipe away any dirt. There won’t be any scratches to buff, either.

5. Multiple Colors

This hard metal is available in a variety of colors that won’t fade or scratch over time. There’s white, classic gray and black for color choices. This makes them a terrific option for matching bands for both men and women.

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6. Hypoallergenic

Although it’s bound with nickel, tungsten carbide doesn’t have the same allergic properties as some other metals. For those who have an allergy to metals like gold or silver, it’s often the alloys mixed with the gold or silver that causes the problem.



1. Can’t be Resized

The strength of tungsten carbide means that rings can’t be resized if you lose or gain weight. There was a rumor that they can’t be cut off in an emergency, but that’s not true. They can be broken with enough force, but it’ll destroy the ring.

2. Watch for Cheaper Versions

While tungsten is an inexpensive metal, some jewelers sell them even cheaper because they use cobalt as an alloy. This kind of alloy can cause finger discoloration.

3. Metal Value

Tungsten is a metal that is durable and can last a lifetime, which is vital in a wedding band. Aside from its value to the wearer, the metal doesn’t have as much value as gold or silver.

4. Don’t Drop the Ring

The strength of tungsten carbide means that you’ll get a heavy, substantial ring. It also means that the ring can shatter if dropped or smashed. They’re scratch-resistant, but they are not fracture proof. This is a vital thing to consider for your rings.

5. Colors of Tungsten

While there are three different colors available for tungsten, the colors are not natural. Gray is the natural color of tungsten. White and black are actually an industrial coating that isn’t as scratch resistant as natural gray tungsten. This should be kept in mind when purchasing a wedding band. They are still more scratch resistant than other metal options, but not as resistant as the natural material.


Once you’ve read over the tungsten carbide wedding bands pros and cons list, you can make a more informed decision about whether you want to choose this metal for your wedding bands. They’ll last a lifetime while remaining shiny, or matte depending on the finish you choose.

Make sure you choose a ring size slightly larger than your finger to ensure that you’ll find a perfect fit. While it can’t be sized, a larger size will give you some wiggle room if you gain a bit of weight. It’ll be easier to wear a ring guard than it would be to purchase another ring because it can’t be resized.

Tungsten is a great investment for anyone who has a job where they work with their hands and worries about scratching and denting their wedding band at the job site. If you work in a profession that would require you to remove your band to protect it, tungsten is a great metal for your band.

Tungsten wedding bands are an affordable choice for people who don’t have a lot of money for expensive wedding bands.

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