Wedding Dress Considerations for the Mature Bride

Wedding Dress Considerations for the Mature Bride

There are many times that a bride might want to avoid wearing a frothy piece of confection full of tulle and lace. Whether she is getting married later in life or wants to express her unique style without choosing a traditional wedding gown, there are other choices available for the non-traditional bride. Mature brides don’t have to wear lacy dresses that are made for much younger women, but at the same time, nobody can dictate what the older bride can wear. If you want to wear a cute, frilly dress on your wedding day, by all means, be exactly the bride that you want. If you would like a more mature dress, there are options for you as well.

Wedding Suit

wedding suit for mature brides

There are plenty of suits for the mature bride to wear on her wedding day. A jacket will allow the mature bride to hide parts of her body that she doesn’t want to show. The older bride might not want to wear a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, but she might want to wear a fitted skirt and beautiful lace jacket on her wedding day. They come in a variety of colors and styles, which means you can choose the one that’s best for you. You might decide to skip the skirt completely and wear loose, flowing pants made of the lightest silk. Don’t feel limited by what young brides are wearing on their wedding day. It’s more valuable that you’re comfortable and feel beautiful on your special day.

Two-Piece Wedding Outfit

two piece wedding outfit for older brides

A suit might be too tailored for your wedding day. Instead of choosing a suit and jacket, you might decide on a jumpsuit with a bolero jacket, loose trousers and a shrug, or a simple sheath dress with small jacket. The material will differentiate the two-piece wedding outfit from one that you could wear into the office. On the other hand, you might want an outfit that you can wear again for another occasion. Keep that in mind when purchasing your wedding outfit.

Head to the Evening Dress Section

evening dress mature bride

When you choose a dress that has wedding in the title, you’re often paying a bridal “tax” on the item. You could choose a similar dress in the evening gown section for a much lower price. Instead of looking for bridal dresses or wedding gowns, choose an evening gown in a lovely shade of cream, light pastel, or off-white. You certainly don’t have to stick with wedding colors, either. The outfit you choose should only make you feel beautiful. You’re not required to wear anything that you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of having a wedding, and it’s the beauty of being older, too. Nobody can lean on you with their expectations. Do whatever you like.

Focus on Your Best Features

mature bride

While you might feel like your upper arms are not your best feature, you may feel as if you were blessed with shapely legs. Always emphasize your best features with the right fabrics and cover those that make you uncomfortable. If you love your shoulders, but don’t like your thighs, consider a top with spaghetti straps paired with flowing pants.

Don’t Skimp on Fabrics

mature bridal gowns

Older brides are held to a standard that includes things like “don’t show your arms” or “don’t wear a skirt above your knees.” Brides should only be limited by their desires and how they feel in the outfit they’ve chosen. The wonderful thing about being an older bride is that you know what looks best on you. You’ve had a lifetime to learn what fabrics and styles show your best features in a flattering light. You can afford to shop in another section of the store like the evening gown section, which means that you won’t be paying for bridal dresses. You can afford to splurge on extravagant, luscious fabrics that make you feel like a million dollars.

Mature Style Doesn’t Mean Drab

mature bridal style

There’s no reason that you have to choose a drab dress for your wedding when you’re a mature bride. If you would like to show some skin, that’s your right. It’s your big day! Don’t be afraid of a sexy show of skin with a short skirt or a long flowing pair of pants with a top that shows cleavage. You should show your personality, too. If you want to wear a youthful dress, there’s a way to find one that is flattering without being silly.

While there are those that think a mature bride should cover herself and be demure and unsexy, that isn’t true at all. Find your comfort zone and be as sexy as you want to be. The only person you need to please is yourself and your groom. He’ll love you if you cover yourself from head to toe, decide to wear a stunning evening gown in non-traditional colors, or settle on a wedding suit with beautiful lace details.

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