Clarisonic Smart Profile facial scubber review

Clarisonic Smart Profile Facial Scrubber Review

Clarisonic is a powerhouse in the world of facial scrubbers, and with the Clarisonic Smart Profile, they’ve created a unit that is perfect for the entire body including the face.

While some of the others boast 6x the cleansing action, the Clarisonic Smart Profile offers 11x the cleansing versus using your hands to wash your face or body. While some of the other facial scrubbers are perfect for on-the-go cleansing, this one is made for the entire body with a variety of settings and brush heads. Read on to learn all about this scrubber, including my buying recommendations!

Clarisonic Smart Profile facial scubber review

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Clarisonic Smart Profile Accessories and Features

  • Clarisonic Smart Profile drying stand
  • LED panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Facial brush
  • Body brush head
  • Charger
  • Wall adapter
  • Refining skin polish
  • Sample Clarisonic refreshing gel

4 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System

Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush Heads


The scrubber comes with two different types of brush heads. One is for the face. The unit has the same technology as the other sonic brushes. It has an oscillating head that has hundreds of movements per second. Instead of scraping dirt and oil slowly from the pores, it removes impurities quickly. Clarisonic promises that their product will remove toxins as well as airborne impurities and pollutants from the skin. This improves your beauty regimen and helps to effectively produce less wrinkles and saggy skin.


The same technology that works on the face will also work on the body. Your entire body has pores, and removing dirt and oil from the arms, legs and torso will create more radiant skin. The unit has a long handle that allows you to reach your back, too.

Clarisonic Smart Profile How to Use

When pulling the unit from the box, you shouldn’t use the system until it can be charged properly. While you might be incredibly eager to check the power of the scrubber, it’s best to wait for it to be charged.

smart profile facial scrubber

After charging for 24 hours, you can attach the brush head that you’d like to use. If you’d like to use the facial scrubber, pick that mode of operation. Wet the face and the brush head, apply the cleanser to the brush or the skin. Glide the brush gently across the forehead for 20 seconds. According to Clarisonic, you don’t need to spend much time on each area. The unit will beep, which is the signal that you should move to the next area. Continue to the nose and chin. For the last 20 seconds, the unit will power down for a gentle scrub on the cheeks.

For the body, change to the dedicated body brush, which is larger than the facial brush. You can take this into the shower or bath since it’s completely waterproof. In body mode, the device will create a pulsing massage for a lather across the entire body. This lasts for 30 seconds and is perfect for skimming the body quickly to create a lather. It’ll change to a two-minute cleaning phase to cover the entire body. After two minutes, it’ll change to a pulsing massage.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Tutorial

Clarisonic Smart Profile Charging Time

When removed from the box, the Clarisonic should be charged for a full 24 hours to ensure that it’s at full power before use. While the other options don’t allow you to see how much of a charge it has, the Clarisonic Smart Profile has an LED display to show you how much charge is left in the device. This helps you avoid taking it into the shower and losing a charge in the middle of your cleansing routine. When it gets low, you can charge it the night before you have to shower.

The LED also lets you know when the brushes need to be changed out for new brushes. There’s an RFID chip that records usage, and after three months of daily usage at 1 minute each, it’ll light to tell you to replace the brush.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Acne and Cleansing Modes

It doesn’t matter if you are using the facial cleansing mode or the body mode, it’s designed to remove makeup, remove dirt and oil as well as create soft, glowing skin. At first, your skin might go through a purge as all the dirt and oil is lifted from the pores. This can result in a slight rash that will pass. It’s important that you don’t stop using the product during this time.

At any point, you can change from sensitive modes to a turbo mode for a deeper cleaning. If you end up with a rash from a purge, you can change to the delicate mode until the rash has passed.

While the Clarisonic Smart Profile doesn’t come with extra brushes for the feet, it can be used with the Clarisonic Pedi Smoothing Disc, which will give you an all-over beauty routine from head to toe.

As a facial scrubber, this is one of the most complete devices on the market. With the addition of a few brushes, it can give you a clean face and body that includes the feet as well. Many people who choose to use a facial scrubber will find that they are not able to rival the kind of clean they get with the device.

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