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Engagement rings made with emeralds have been cherished for millennia. Their elegance and rarity, as well as their connection with Venus, the goddess of love, are some of the reasons why they are so prized. No other gemstone awes and stuns as an emerald does, but they must be given special care in order to guarantee their quality over time.

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To discover whether an emerald wedding ring works for you, utilize the information below.

Properties of the Emerald

Durability = Great for Quality Gemstones with a Small Number of Inclusions

Hardness = 7.5 – 8.0

Refractive Index = 1.577 – 1.583

Specific Gravity = 2.72

Emerald Enhancements

Emerald gemstones are typically enhanced by a process that uses oil and wax to cover the stone, fills any cracks, and enhances the color, clarity, and overall appearance of the stone.


These treatments have a good degree of stability, and emerald quality is unaffected by these treatments. Emeralds that have undergone these kinds of enhancements are labeled with an E or O. Enhancements that use colored dyes, or colored oils are used occasionally. Due to low stability ratings, these enhancements aren’t used by most professional jewelers.

Emerald engagement rings and wedding bands created with color enhanced emeralds should be avoided. Emeralds which have been dyed are labeled with a D.

Emerald Value Guide

Typically, the price of a superior emerald carat is about one thousand dollars.  Larger carat gemstones can be sold for five to twenty thousand dollars per carat.

Aspects including carat, cut, clarity, and color all may impact the cost of an emerald gemstone.

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A high grade of clarity, few inclusions, and a deep radiant green with saturated color, are all marks of an ideal gemstone. Hints of blue throughout, and a custom cut that displays the color, shininess and fiery qualities of the stone, are also important.

Internal inclusions are sometimes found in emeralds, and those with more clarity are a rarity, and therefore more costly than those that seem dull, or that possess even small numbers of inclusions. A superior emerald naturally possesses a high degree of clarity and a low number of inclusions, therefore it should not need any treatments. 

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The size of the carat affects the overall value of the emerald ring . Of course, rings possessing smaller gemstones, those less than a carat, are not priced as highly as those of one carat or more in size. An increase in carat size correlates with an increase in price.

Spending Guidelines for Emerald Rings

It’s vital to remember that you get what you pay for. Less expensive emerald engagement and wedding rings, possessing emeralds with many inclusions, cloudiness, and dull color can be on sale for eighty dollars per carat, but they are not illustrative of the true potential of a worthy emerald. (Furthermore, the more inclusions there are, the more fragile and breakable they are.)

Emeralds with fewer inclusions and less cloudiness are sturdier and worth much more.

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Other important aspects to consider when looking at the cost, are custom cuts with dark green colors. Natural clarity is highly prized, but enhancements, include oiling of the gemstone, are acceptable. 

Be careful of engagement and wedding rings with D-labeled emeralds, as they have been dyed and given treatments with colored oils.

If your budget is limited, avoid rings with larger-carat emeralds that are shown off in the center. Instead, find a ring with smaller-carat emeralds sprinkled about the ring.

Another alternative to consider are synthetic emeralds, which possess precisely the same physical characteristics of real emeralds—some even possess small inclusions, in order to better resemble an actual emerald. However, ensure that it has been properly crafted with expert workmanship and resources, otherwise, it may actually be a simulant and not a synthetic.

Sometimes synthetic emeralds are sold under the guise of real emeralds. However, if you seek a real emerald ring, frequent a dependable retailer, and remember: natural emeralds will not glow under an ultraviolet light, while synthetic emeralds will.

Accidentally purchasing a synthetic emerald while believing it to be the genuine article, is not the only thing to be concerned about. Green cubic zirconia is also sold falsely as emerald. Although it shares the green colour of an emerald, it does not possess the same physical structure of the emerald. In other words, the zirconia is a ‘simulant’. In order to avoid this situation, research your source before you invest—and ensure there is a genuine refund policy available.


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