Best Nature Inspired Engagement Ring Ideas

The Best Nature Inspired Engagement Ring Ideas and Examples

Wedding dresses are often known to be elaborate affairs–many envision a beaded gown, formal tuxedos, and a sweeping ballroom or all-inclusive reception space. But more and more couples are embracing an aesthetic that is arguably the opposite: authentic, natural, and inspired by nature–and that includes the engagement ring.

Nature-inspired engagement ring ideas may be hard to find, but examples of nature-inspired weddings are nearly everywhere you look. In fact, a nature-inspired wedding was one of the top 2020 wedding trends featured by Westchester Magazine

Gina Maloney of Gina Maloney Events, a wedding planning service based in New York, noted that more couples are searching for natural settings for a more organic, fresh feel. Some fully embrace nature with outdoor receptions and even romantic dining by candlelight.

That goes along with other popular trends, including eco-themed weddings; rustic themes; and romantic garden ceremonies. When it comes to nature-inspired weddings, clearly the ideas are nearly limitless and the results can be stunning. But finding an engagement ring to fit a beautiful, natural aesthetic may feel daunting.

In this article, we’ll give you ideas for engagement rings inspired by nature, as well as examples of gorgeous options you can buy now.

How do I find the best nature-inspired engagement rings?

nature ring

Even if you are set on buying a nature-inspired engagement ring, it’s understandable if you aren’t sure where to start. The typical engagement ring focuses on a diamond centerpiece, but many nature-inspired rings either place greater emphasis on ring design or may not include a diamond at all.

From an alternative to more traditional, the following ideas and examples will help you find an engagement ring that is inspired by nature and truly stands out, celebrating your unique love for each other.

Wooden Engagement Rings

 Our first idea for nature-inspired engagement rings include wooden engagement rings. While at first, this pick may seem rather offbeat, there are actually many reasons you might want to consider wooden rings. Wooden rings to be sure, are alternative and suited for boho and indie inspired weddings, and for couples who feel comfortable doing away with modern traditions. 

Do wooden rings last?

As far as durability, wooden engagement rings actually can last fairly well, but it’s essential that they’ve been properly treated. Protective coating, polish, and varnish are all essential for longevity.

Some downsides to wooden rings are that they cannot withstand high temperatures or harsh chemicals the way some of the most durable metals can. However, wooden engagement rings may not require much upkeep, and also will be much more affordable base price. While wooden rings can get wet, they should be treated with a water-resistant coating and should not be submerged in water. 

What does a wooden engagement ring symbolize?

One lovely thing about a wooden engagement ring is that not only is it immediately nature-inspired, but it is also rich in symbolism. Wood represents both strength and growth–perfect for depicting two attributes important to a marriage. 

Is there any reason I shouldn’t go for a wooden engagement ring?

There are many downsides when it comes to wooden engagement rings–mostly to do with the durability we mentioned. While properly treated wooden engagement rings can be durable, a wooden engagement ring may not be practical for everyone. If you do work in a field or your partner does, where the wooden engagement ring might be exposed to chemicals or too much water, you could also opt to wear a silicone ring during that time. For anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable standing out from the crowd, a wooden engagement ring may not be the best option.

Where to Buy: Admittedly, many traditional or even leading online jewelers do not carry wooden engagement rings, so you may have to hit up alternatives such as Etsy. Jewelry by Johan is another option.


Honduran Rosewood Engagement Ring with Prong Set Moissanite


This ring, by Jewelry by Johan, has a more traditional feel but is still inspired by nature, with sleeks rosewood and a round cut moissanite center stone. 14K gold accents make a good compromise for someone with an indoor and outdoor component to their wedding or want a little more glamour. Retails at just under fifteen hundred dollars, with options for flexible payments.

Unique Wooden Ring – Floating Inlay – Namibian Amethyst

unique wooden ring

From Etsy comes this stand out that could work either as an engagement ring or wedding band, featuring sleek black walnut that comes from loggers with sustainable policies, and transparent Namibian Amethyst around the band for an ethereal quality; retails at around one hundred and fifty dollars.

Wood Ring with Mahogany and Sea Shells

wooden mahogany ring

A unique option, inspired by both nature and the sea, has enough detail to fit the bill for an engagement ring and would well suit anyone who loves the water. The band is waterproof and includes delicate detailing. Retails for a little over one hundred and thirty dollars. 

Engagement Rings with Floral Accents

This category of engagement rings is ideal for anyone who loves romantic details, gardens, and lush landscapes, but could even work for a more ethereal or fantastic feel. Going this route is a bit less offbeat than a wooden engagement ring, all the while feeling inspired by nature.

What do flowers/ floral accents represent?

Flowers, of course, are rich in symbolism–in fact, depending on the flower may carry a great difference in meaning, but from friendship to love, flowers are deep in symbolic meaning and can be interpreted as a sign of beauty, romance, companionship, and more. 

What metal is best for an engagement ring with floral details?

Rings with floral details already feel very much nature-inspired. Rose gold is one of the most popular options, as it makes the ring still feel unique and gives off warmth, like the glow of the sun from a warm day. White gold and yellow gold, as well as platinum, may also work. 

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in a nature-inspired engagement ring with floral accents, you still might end up shopping with some less big names; Etsy, Camellia Arts, but also occasionally some larger retailers, like James Allen, are ll options.


Vintage Open-Lace-Halo Delicate Swirl Engagement Ring

14 rose gold ring


Jams Allen combines nature-inspired with vintage, for a timeless and stunning design. A petal-like center, with a pave diamond and elegant construction, makes this ring feel like an instant classic; available in 14K or 18K white gold, as well as platinum. Ranges from $870 to a little over $1,500. 

Camellia Flower Ring


flower ring


 This unique engagement ring from Camellia Arts is very much nature-inspired, available in 14k rose, white, or yellow gold. With a swirl but polished appearance, the petals are the statement, for a whimsical yet still elegant look and a small diamond center; retails at just under eight hundred dollars.

Calla Lily Moissanite Engagement Ring

Calla Lily Moissanite Engagement Ring

 It doesn’t get much more floral or nature-inspired than this exquisite engagement ring, available on Etsy and handmade by Camellia Jewelry. The rose gold, moissanite ring features layered petals, a lily center, and forever one moissanite. Retails for just under eighteen hundred dollars. 

Other Nature Inspired Engagement Ring Ideas

Maybe a wooden engagement ring is a bit too offbeat and maybe floral details don’t suit you or your partner. This category offers the most options at all, because most retailers will sell at least some rings the feature something nature-inspired–most frequently in the form of rigs with intertwining vines or twigs in the detailing. 

  • These engagement rings range from straight-up alternative to undeniably classic, and can also be found at a wide range of prices. Intertwining vines or twigs evoke growth together and, of course, vines intertwining. 

  • You can truly pick any metal finish you like, as these styles tend to be more subtle in their nature inspiration. While not as immediately obvious, this is an excellent option for anyone who might love the idea of a nature-inspired ring, but who at the same time may not want a ring that stands out too much from classic modern designs.

  • Price is the biggest downside–or upside, depending on what you’re looking for. These rings, on average, are more expensive than the previous two nature-inspired ring styles. 

Where To Buy: You can find vine and twig details with engagement rings both with traditional and less traditional retailers. If you’re having trouble, a tip is to browse under the ‘vintage rings’ category which more often features these subtle nature-inspired designs, since very modern rings trend towards sleek and smooth. 


14K Rose Gold Entangled Vines Engagement Ring

JA ring

This nature-inspired ring from James Allen features the feel of a floral ring with a slightly different take. Also available in white and yellow gold, as well as platinum, the vine design also has a ‘vintage flair’ and can be ordered with the diamond or gemstone of your choice. 

Budding Willow Ring with 0.75 Carat Round Diamond

billiant earth

This showstopping, nature-inspired engagement ring from Brilliant Earth evokes the strength but also elegance of a willow tree, with an ideal cut, ethically sourced round diamond; retails at just under $5,500. 

Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

petite twisted diamond ring

Another popular idea for a nature-inspired wedding is a rustic chic wedding. In fact, rustic styles have exploded in popularity over the last few years. While everyone has their own take on rustic chic, typically decor consists of a mix of farm-themed with touches of vintage, but plenty of nature influences: fresh-cut flowers and related decor is common.

FAQ’s About Nature Rings

Can you have a wedding in a national forest?

If a nature-inspired wedding is on your radar, you may have considered a gorgeous, wide-open space-and what better place than a national park or forest? The good news is that you can, for the most part, have your nature-inspired wedding at a national park or in a national forest. There are a few things to be aware of if you choose a national forest vs a national park: Most national parks require a fee for a permit, often as little as two hundred dollars and often even less.

You do have to check with specific regulations based upon a park. A national forest doesn’t as often require a permit, but it’s still important to be mindful. Hosting a wedding at a national forest also may save you money from the permit immediately, but it’s also important to keep in mind that it won’t have the facilities a park may have, so it may actually end up costing you more in the long run.

What is a rustic chic wedding?

Another popular idea for a nature-inspired wedding is a rustic chic wedding. In fact, rustic styles have exploded in popularity over the last few years. While everyone has their own take on rustic chic, typically decor consists of a mix of farm-themed with touches of vintage, but plenty of nature influences: fresh-cut flowers and related decor is common.

How do you make an indoor wedding look outdoors?

The good news is, even if you have restrictions or maybe are getting married during a cooler time of year, you can still get an outdoor, nature-inspired wedding feel indoors. Some clever ideas include bringing plants, included potted trees inside; adding a floral chandelier; creating nature-inspired decor walls; and, depending on the season, adding table decor that feels nature inspire (acorns and leaves for fall; tiny buds for spring).

When is the best month to have an outdoor wedding?

If you do plan on having an outdoor wedding you need to be realistic about expectations, as well as aware of the pros and cons of hosting a wedding certain months over others. Of course, much also depends on the climate you live in and what you and your guests are used to. If you live in North America, generally most consider the following months to be best: April, May, June, and October.

The reason is that these months tend to be more temperate. However, keep in mind that rain may be an issue, and more northern locations may even contend with snow in October. When planning an outdoor wedding, you should have a plan b, and be aware of the possibility of investing in outdoor/ space heaters.

How do I choose an engagement ring?

Even if you have your heart set on a nature-inspired engagement ring, there’s still some nuance as to how you select and shop for an engagement ring. You want to begin shopping for an engagement ring with a maximum budget in mind, then research different ring metal types and alternatives.

After this, you should decide if you’ll want a diamond, gemstone, or no gem center at all. Finally, it’s essential you understand the seller’s policies and terms before you purchase any ring. You should never buy an engagement ring that you know next to nothing about it.

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