Top Diamond Alternatives for Modern Brides – Different Styles & Ideas!

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Diamonds are forever.  The ubiquitous De Beers ad campaign is considered the most recognizable slogan of the 20th century… but is it true for you?  In this topsy turvy time of part time employment, unethical mining methods and changing tastes, we might long for something more unique; a solution for those bored to death by the blankness of a perfectly cut diamond.  Whether you prefer wood, stone, metal or something different altogether, there is something on this list for you.

1. Wood

Wood is warm and homey.  Though one of the oldest materials humans have mastered, a wooden ring could not be more modern.  Artisans of wood jewelry favour modest, simple designs and pair their carved works of art with other materials, such as antler, jade and mother of pearl.  A wood ring is perfect for those who adore simplicity and cozy nights by the fire with their beloved.

Braided birch bark and bird’s eye maple band – Touchwood Rings

wood ring

Touchwood specializes in made to order wood bands with intricate inlays.  Artisans David and Nicole Finch are at the heart of each piece.  Prices by consultation.

Ironwood Stacking Wedding Band – Staghead Designs

Staghead makes beautiful bands.  No doubt about it.  Their materials are ethically harvested, including the naturally shed antler they often use to inlay their rings.  This elegant Ironwood ring can be made in titanium, silver or 10k gold.  Starts at $220USD

Le Bouquet – My Secret Wood

Are you a modern hippy?  Do you love everything boho chic.  Then this wood and resin ring stuffed with flowers is perfect for you.  My Secret Wood out of British Columbia makes all their rings to order.  It’s an unorthodox choice that will wear well for years to come.  $182CAD

2. Recycled and Up-cycled

Do you ride your bicycle everywhere?  Are you the DIY queen making your own center pieces from thrifted vases?  Is your dress an upcycled concoction of lace and pearls?  Take your desire to save the world one pop can at a time one step further.  Rings made from recycled materials are all the rage, with etsy bursting at the seams with unique, funky pieces.

Bezel Set Rough Uncut Diamond in Recycled Gold – Specimental

Okay.  We know.  This list isn’t supposed to be about diamonds, but just look at this beauty.  Specimantal takes recycled gold (14k and 18k in any colour you please, and even raw gold) and crafts it into one of a kind delights.  The setting is as intriguing as the stone, with it’s strategic hammer marks enhancing the fascinating effect of uncut stone. $2202CAD

14k White Gold Branch Band – Point No Point Studio

Sometime we need some simplicity.  This band by Point No Point Studio achieves an understated elegance by using a natural motif.  It can easily be worn with any and every outfit.  Crafted from recycled white gold and cast from a real tree branch, it is an ethical, interesting choice for nature lovers everywhere.  $375USD

Raw Sapphire in Oxidized Silver and 14k Gold – Wallis Reid

Longing for some colour in your life?  This stunning ring with its rustic band and giant uncut Sri Lanka sapphire is a showstopper.  It appears wild and unrestrained, giving the wearer a confident air.  Truly, this is a unique piece for a unique bride.  $995USD

3. Vintage

You are a work of art.  A classic piece.  Your wedding is replete with antique candlesticks and old fashioned roses.  A locket with a photo of your love hangs from your neck.  You are obsessed with the charm of days gone by.  Why not choose a one of a kind vintage ring to go with your one of a kind vintage personality?

Antique Deco Pearl Ring – 1920’s

In the days before the diamond industry monopoly on eternity, people proposed with many different kinds of rings.  Pearls were a popular choice for their deep symbolism.  Integrity, generosity, loyalty and wisdom are all worthy goals in a marriage, don’t you think? $421CAD

Jade and Silver Ring – Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Jade has long been prized by humans.  We’ve used it for everything from amulets to spearheads.  People have been both married and buried with it.  It’s no mystery why though.  It’s intriguing milkiness and tendency to change slowly with wear make it a curiosity.  Symbolizing wisdom and peace makes it ideal for hopeful new couples.  $2600USD

Oval Cut Ruby in 18k Gold- Cartier 1995

Estate auctions are a great way to find vintage pieces.  This chunky gold and ruby ring complete with Cartier signature was found on; an estate auction site.  It’s an unbeatable deal for the die hard fashionista with big name taste.  Bidding starts at $750USD

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