Hearts and Arrows Diamond Ring Ideas

Imagine the perfect diamond ring. Maybe it’s a round brilliant cut, or maybe it’s bigger than you can afford. Truth be told, there is no such ring. But some of the most beautiful and sought-after diamonds on the market are hearts and arrows diamonds. And companies like Brilliant Earth are taking note, selling not only pre-made rings for also offering fully customized engagement rings. 

From wedding bands to statement rings and custom engagement rings, I’ll share with you the most brilliant designs that will give the appearance of a larger carat. I know it can be anxiety-provoking to buy online, but with Brilliant Earth and James Allen, you’ll see excellent customer service, gorgeous designs, and fair prices. 

Want to learn more about the hype? Then read on for my favorite hearts and arrows diamond rings ideas and styles. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:

If I had to select just one hearts and arrows ring from Brilliant Earth, it would be the Custom Hearts and Arrows Ring. This allows you to create your ring from scratch, starting with high-quality lab-grown or natural diamonds. After you select your diamonds by color and clarity, you’ll be directed towards all compatible ring settings. Not only does this provide the best selection, but it also allows you to craft and visualize a personalized ring. 

My Top Picks

  1. Custom Hearts and Arrows Diamond Engagement Ring: Best Custom Engagement Ring
  2. Premier Luxe Sienna Diamond Ring: Best Classic Eternity Band
  3. Premier Luxe Devota Eternity Diamond Ring: Best Art-Deco Inspire Ring
  4. Premier Five Stone Trellis Diamond Ring: Best Statement Ring 
  5. True HeartsTM Prong Solitaire Engagement RingBest Classic Solitaire Ring
  6. True HeartsTM Three Stone Engagement RingBest Three-Stone Ring
  7. True HeartsTM Diamond Comfort Fit Engagement RingBest Comfortable Ring
  8. True HeartsTM  Petite Flower Solitaire Engagement RingBest Floral-Inspired Ring
  9. True HeartsTM Infinity Halo Engagement RingBest Halo Ring

Why I Picked These Hearts and Arrows Diamond Rings

First of all, I want to explain why I like Brilliant Earth for Hearts and Arrows diamond rings. Every Brilliant Earth ring comes with a certificate of authenticity and official grading. That’s important to make sure you’re buying a genuine diamond. But one thing that’s always made me look favorably towards Brilliant Earth is the consistency of quality and high standards. I know that may sound like jargon, and at first, I was skeptical, too. But Brilliant Earth supplies not only conflict-free diamonds but what they call “Beyond Conflict Free.” 

That means that their entire collection of hearts and arrows diamond rings are lab-grown or natural stones that are sustainably made and ethically sourced. Plus, Brilliant Earth has taken steps to support communities and donate to nonprofit organizations. But there were some other factors that I considered for these rings. 

For a great price and stunning vintage-inspired and classic styles, I chose James Allen. James Allen doesn’t have as stringent sourcing standards but still offers high-quality, conflict-free diamond rings. Their collection of hearts and arrows diamonds (true hearts) is an excellent option for a unique engagement ring.

High-Quality Diamonds

Simply put, I only want to recommend diamonds that will sparkle and provide the brilliance you’d expect. If you want to make the most out of hearts and arrows diamonds, then they need to be colorless or nearly colorless and have only very slight inclusions. All of my picks fit this criterion, so you can see the full display of beauty expected from hearts and arrows diamonds. Trust me: it’s quite disappointing to select what you think is a gorgeous stone, only to have it marred by poor color or clarity. 

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Diamond rings are meant to last a lifetime– but that isn’t only about the diamond. All of my ideas include high-quality 14K gold, 18K gold, or platinum. Unlike gold plating or sterling silver, these rings won’t tarnish and will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. But I also selected these rings based upon the precision of the design, the gorgeous details, and the touches that make them unique. Although I’ve selected a range of styles, I love that these rings all have a timeless appeal. 

Stunning Hearts and Arrows Diamond Rings from Brilliant Earth and James Allen 

 I’ll guide you through my top tips for making your hearts and arrows diamond engagement ring,  and point you to my favorite styles for eternity bands. Eternity bands can be used in place of a wedding band, as a statement ring, and some even opt to skip an engagement ring and buy a statement eternity band instead. James Allen, meanwhile, has some gorgeous, pre-made hearts and arrows engagement rings. 

Customizable Hearts and Arrows Engagement Ring

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen rules about buying an engagement ring. From how much you should spend on a ring to a carat weight, sometimes a lot gets lost in the discussion. My mother has a modest carat weight for her diamond engagement ring, yet it’s beautiful and was selected with care by my father. That’s why I love the idea of building a custom hearts and arrows engagement ring from scratch, focusing on quality and design. 

Selecting a Hearts and Arrows Diamond

Brilliant Earth has a collection of both natural and lab-grown hearts and arrows diamonds that you can seamlessly filter by shape, price, carat, cut, color, and clarity. An ideal cut is fine, but you can splurge with a super ideal cut. If you want to save money, opt for a lab-grown heart and arrows diamond over a natural one. I will warn you that clarity varies quite a bit. My preference is for a very slightly (VS) included diamond or better. For color, DEF is all colorless, but GHI is also an excellent choice. 

Selecting a Setting

After you select a diamond, you can either directly compare it with another hearts and arrows diamond or visualize it. You can buy the loose stone alone or add it to a Ring Setting. You’ll quickly be directed to all compatible settings. My favorites include the Petite Eloide for a solitaire, and Joy for a halo setting. Start Designing Your Ring Here


  • Entirely Customizable
  • Excellent Selection of Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Classic, Modern, and Vintage-Inspired Bands


  • Overwhelming if You’re New to Diamond Shopping
  • Inventory Changes 

Premier Luxe Sienna Diamond Ring

This gorgeous eternity band is one of my favorites from Brilliant Earth, even if you aren’t looking for a hears and arrows diamond ring. It’s a classic, for a reason– and it’s at once simple and glamorous. I see a lot of eternity bands that work as statement rings but what I love most about this hearts and arrows ring is the play with symmetry, ideal cuts, and proportions. There’s a play with style and classic elements. 

A sleek, slightly grooved band is resplendent with fire and sparkle from the ⅝ carats of hearts and arrows diamonds. The French pavé style is chic and elegant and a great way to showcase the very slightly included, round diamonds. At 2.33 mm, I love that the band is slender and refined, but still reasonably comfortable. Plus, this hearts and arrows diamond ring is perfect for stacking. It’s available in your choice of 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or platinum. Buy Here


  • Beautiful French Pavé Setting
  • Chic and Timeless
  • Excellent Clarity


  • More Subtle than Some Designs
  • Diamonds Only Extend ¾ of Band 

Premier Luxe Devota Eternity Diamond Ring

Something that’s always interested me is the Art Deco movement. Defined by geometric shapes, plays with symmetry, and defining conventions, Art Deco continues to inspire fashion and art today. But what’s exciting is that I’ve seen this style combined with modern aesthetics, and designed to both showcase and redefine beauty. The result is a gorgeous and unique look, one connected with a larger art movement. 

If you or your partner love art like me, or if you just want a hearts and arrows diamond ring that’s a play on the classic eternity style, this may be the best ring for you. The trellis setting features interweaving vines for a nature motif. A sweeping movement can be seen with classic prong settings juxtaposed with sparkling round diamonds. The contrast is especially notable with yellow gold or rose gold. This luxurious hearts and arrows diamond ring is available in 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or platinum. All diamonds are colorless.  Buy Here


  • Colorless Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
  • Art Deco-Inspired
  • Super Ideal Cut 


  • More Expensive
  • Not a Comfort Band

Premier Five Stone Trellis Diamond Ring

My final pick for a gorgeous hearts and arrows diamond ring is this stunning five-stone trellis ring. I’ve always loved symbolism for rings because that symbolism goes beyond pure aesthetic beauty. You probably know the symbolism of a three-stone ring, but I was fascinated to learn that a five-stone diamond ring has a deeper meaning as well. Those five stones represent the most important foundations of a relationship: communication, a sense of empathy, trust in one another, commitment, and, of course, everlasting love. 

But even if you aren’t interested in selecting a ring for its symbolism, this hearts and arrows diamond ring portrays Brilliant Earth craftsmanship at its best. Ideal cut diamonds sparkle brilliantly in a setting that balances symmetry, classic lines, and balance. The five-round hearts and arrows diamonds are set in classic prong settings. The look is both modern and timeless, with a nice groove to fit the natural curve of a finger. This exquisite hearts and arrows diamond ring is available in 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold and platinum. Buy Here


  • Super Ideal Cut
  • Colorless Diamonds
  • Balance of Glamor and Comfort


  • Slightly Expensive 
  • Diamonds Only Accent Half the Band 

True Hearts Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Sometimes the simplest engagement rings are the best. Simple doesn’t need to mean boring or plain, but rather timeless, refined, and elegant. This hearts and arrows engagement ring from James Allen fits all of those requirements, with a gorgeous and classic design. By emphasizing simplicity and quality, I also love that you can get a just-over 1-carat diamond for a good price.

The very very slightly included, round diamond sparkles with clarity and gorgeous symmetry. It’s set with a stylish claw-prong setting. The setting is just enough different from a classic prong setting that it adds a bit of allure and style. This ring is set on a 14K rose gold band for a touch of romance. Buy Here.


  • Stunning Quality
  • Stylish Claw Prong Setting
  • Sleek Rose Gold Band


  • Only 14K Gold
  • Fairly Simple Style

True Hearts Three Stone Engagement Ring

I see a lot of halo and solitaire rings, but a style I’d love to see even more of is a three-stone ring. While I love the simplicity of a solitaire ring and the glamor of a halo ring, a three-stone ring is quite meaningful.  Three stones symbolize the present, past, and future of a relationship. They can also be tied to religion and spirituality. Plus, they add unique artistic flair.

This hearts and arrows engagement ring by James Allen is simply stunning, set on a platinum band. The durable platinum band highlights the brilliance of the three-round diamonds. The proportions, classic craftsmanship, and design articulate classic sophistication. Buy Here.


  • Beautiful Platinum Band
  • Brilliant, Round Diamonds
  • Classic Design


  • More Expensive
  • Not As Innovative

True Hearts Diamond Ring with Comfort Band

I’ve always had sensitive skin. And while something like a skin rash may mean you need hypoallergenic jewelry, even just dry skin can get irritated with a ring. That could be due to fit, or, like me, you could just tend to skin irritation. A slightly grooved band reduces the pressure on your finger, providing a secure but comfortable fit.

This hearts and arrows engagement ring from James Allen features a 0.87 carat, round diamond. The classic solitaire style provides the simplicity to showcase the center stone. The band is sleek but comfortable and crafted in 14K white gold. Buy Here.


  • Comfort Band
  • Classic Solitaire Style
  • Beautiful Round-Cut Diamond


  • Only in 14K Gold
  • Under 1 Carat

True Hearts Floral Engagement Ring

Maybe it’s because I was born right at the beginning of Spring, but I’ve always been drawn to floral designs. Floral designs are a hopeful reminder of new beginnings. That seems fitting for an engagement ring. I also love the symbolism of different types of flowers. But many floral engagement rings are quite bold and not as versatile.

This hearts and arrows engagement ring is a softer, more subtle approach to the floral motif. Faint detailing around the center stone provides whimsical nature-inspired motifs. The shank is crafted in 18K yellow gold, providing a rich warmth reminiscent of flowers under full sunlight. The 0.86-carat diamond is a nice size for a petite and elegant ring. Buy Here.


  • Floral Motif
  • 18K Gold Band
  • Subtle and Refined


  • Under 1 Carat
  • Fairly Understated

True Hearts Infinity Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings will always make a bolder statement. Far from being tacky, a halo setting is a gorgeous way to amplify the brilliance of a center stone. Defined by a halo of accents surrounding a center stone, there’s something about both the glamor and sophistication that makes this style hard not to notice.

This hearts and arrows diamond engagement ring showcases the beauty of a halo setting- but does so in a unique way. The center diamond is surrounded by sparkling round accents. The platinum band is twisted, with accent diamonds sparkling at all angles. But that twist isn’t just stylish. The infinity band motif symbolizes longevity, a close bond, and both a romantic and spiritual connection. Buy Here.


  • Infinity Band
  • Brilliance from Multiple Angles
  • Platinum


  • More Expensive
  • Harder to Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do hearts and arrows mean in a diamond?

Answer: Hearts and arrows refer to the gorgeous symmetry of a diamond with an ideal cut. Just as it sounds, that symmetry displays as a pattern of hearts and arrows. If you don’t feel you’ve ever seen a diamond-like this before, you probably have without knowing: the pattern can only be seen at a microscopic level. 

Question: How are the hearts and arrows patterns in a diamond formed?

Answer: The pattern itself is part of the diamond’s symmetry– and the way it’s cut. But the reason why we can see hearts and arrows is, like so many ways we evaluate diamonds, connected to how light interacts. The facets and angles form heart and arrow shapes. 

Question: Do all diamonds have hearts and arrows?

Answer: Diamonds by no means all have hearts and arrows. First, they need to be specialized and ideal cut. And even then, these diamonds may not display hearts and arrows. The reason is that even diamonds with excellent cuts may not have the exact symmetry that is required for this gorgeous design. If hearts and arrows are very important to you, you’ll need to find diamonds with that specific label. Just don’t immediately discount diamonds that don’t have hearts and arrows. Diamonds of excellent color and clarity are beautiful regardless, just in a slightly different way. 

Question: Is a hearts and arrows diamond worth it?

Answer: Honestly, I think it depends on both you– and the diamond you’re considering– whether it’s worth it to buy a heart and arrows diamond. Hearts and arrows diamonds are more expensive. At their best, when paired with a super ideal cut, they will display greater brilliance than even regular ideal cuts. However, some diamonds don’t have a super ideal cut but have hearts and arrows patterns. So you need to make sure it’s a high-quality diamond cut. I also think prioritizing color and clarity first, if you’re on a tight budget, may make sense. 

Final Thoughts 

Hearts and arrows diamond rings aren’t the same everywhere. While the pattern is a sign of inner symmetry, it doesn’t mean that the diamond is the best, super ideal cut. Another mistake I see far too often is only seeing the hearts and arrows label without thinking about who you’re buying from. With a reputable jeweler like Brilliant Earth, you know you’re buying genuine natural or lab-grown diamonds that are ethically sourced and sustainably sourced. And trust me when I say that I understand the anxiety of buying jewelry online. But if you’re nervous about that, you could visit a Brilliant Earth Showroom. And, of course, if you’re in a state that’s too far away, there are a few other alternatives, like the Blue Nile or asking a local jeweler. 

Final Recommendation/ Alternative: Charles & Colvard Hearts and Arrows

If you’ve ever considered a direct diamond alternative, I can safely say that Forever One Moissanite is one of the very best, if not the best. Moissanite isn’t as valuable as diamonds, but it can be just as beautiful, with excellent durability and unique multicolor brilliance. Charles and Colvard carry gorgeous nearly colorless and colorless Forever One moissanite, as well as a collection of loose hearts and arrows moissanite stones and over 260 signature hearts and arrows moissanite engagement rings

Like Brilliant Earth, Charles and Colvard are revered jewelry, and someone I’ve been interested in for a while. If you have doubts about moissanite, check out my comparison of Diamonds vs Moissanite to find out what’s right for you. 

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