Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Pros and Cons

The radiant cut was only created in the mid-70s by Henry Grossbard who was a master diamond cutter. It’s a deep cut with an average of 70 facets and is a perfect square even with its rounded edges. The radiant cut has the brilliance of the round cut. The radiant cut was created to take the round brilliant and the emerald cut to show off both of their best qualities.

radiant cut center stone with faceted trapezoid cut sidesradiant cut center stone with faceted trapezoid cut sides

Pros of a Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Intensity of Brilliance

Every woman wants an engagement ring that will sparkle with enough fire to blind all other women in the area. The radiant cut is known for its brilliance and ability to really outshine the other types of diamond cuts. This is due to the deep cut and many facets of the diamond. While not every woman wants to blind everyone in the area with her ring, she does want to get compliments on the fire and intensity of the shine.

radiant engagement ring

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Won’t Catch on Clothing

The edges of the diamond do not stick out like a traditional square cut. The edged are trimmed, so the prongs won’t catch on clothing. This means that the diamond ring can be worn for a variety of tasks that would normally require you to remove the ring. You can also do your hair without worrying that the ring will catch strands of hair on the edges.

radiant cut engagement ring

Rounded Corners Reduce Breakage

The truncated corners will also reduce the risk of the diamond breaking along the edges. While it could take a huge amount of force to break the diamond, there’s no chance of that with the curved, rounded edges. The prongs won’t break, either. Prongs that are protected from breakage means that your amazing diamond won’t fall out of its setting. Some prongs have been known to become loose on other diamond shapes and cause the diamond to fall out of the setting.

radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Very Versatile Cut

Some cuts don’t look great with other diamonds in the surrounding area like halo diamonds or pave. That’s not true with the radiant cut. It looks fantastic in a variety of settings and arrangements. The design style you choose with the radiant cut can be uniquely your own. It will look beautiful as a large solitaire, too.

1-50 carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Won’t Magnify Flaws

The cut of this diamond doesn’t magnify flaws or blemishes. This means that you can get a radiant cut that is S12 or above on the GIA clarity scale, and have a beautiful ring that won’t show the flaws at all. With the amount of facets in this type of diamond cut, it can hide slight tints as well as blemishes or inclusions. Many inclusions are invisible to the naked eye, but the bigger ones won’t show in this cut of diamond.

1-39 tcw halo radiant cut engagement ring

Wider Choice of Price Points

With the cut of this diamond reducing the visible hints of flaws and inclusions, you’ll be able to pick a variety of price points for your radiant cut engagement ring. A diamond with blemishes can be as stunning in a radiant cut solitaire as one that has a higher rating. This will allow you to get more carats for your money.

diamond radiant cut

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Fancy Colored Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are most often used in color diamonds. Whether it’s a red, blue, pink or brown diamond, the radiant cut is one of the most popular choices of diamond cut for fancy colors. They will shine with fire and brilliance that can really enhance the vivid coloring of the shade you’ve chosen.

radiant cut colored idamond

Cons of a Radiant Cut Diamond

Limited Availability

While radiant cut diamonds are a popular choice for fancy color diamonds, they are limited in availability in white or clear diamonds. You might have a problem finding the radiant cut that you like inside a ring already. As an option, you might buy a loose diamond and create your own beautiful engagement ring.

princess cut diamonds and twist engagement rings

The Deep Cut

One of the reasons that radiant cuts are able to hide flaws and shine so brilliantly is because its cut is so deep. This deep cut means that a one carat diamond in a radiant cut will not look as large as a one carat diamond in another cut. This shouldn’t be a serious problem, though, because you can buy a larger diamond with a few flaws for the same amount as a smaller, flawless diamond.

radiant cut

Radiant cut diamond engagement pros and cons include more advantages than disadvantages for this beautiful type of diamond cut. It provides a varied price point for those looking to purchase a stunning ring with amazing brilliance. The many facets will hide many flaws that would make other diamonds look terrible. The radiant cut is a great choice for anyone looking to buy an engagement ring that has a limited budget. You can get more diamond for your money.

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