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Our Diamond Engagement Ring Guide To Setting Types – Includes Our Favorite Finds!


One of the most important decisions you’ll make pertaining to your wedding or engagement ring will be the one that connects your stone to your band – the setting. Making your way through the masses of settings can be a confusing and overwhelming fear that adds additional and unnecessary stress to planning your big day, […]

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Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

princess cut pros and cons

When it comes to diamonds, you have the choice between your classic, traditional, white diamond engagement ring, or you can opt for a truly spectacular coloured diamond engagement ring.  From the links below, you can learn more about the different types of colored diamond engagement ring styles which are available. Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – […]

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Gemstone Wedding & Engagement Rings

These days, the popularity of gemstones, other than diamonds, has increased, and now they’re about equal with diamond engagement rings.  Below, you will find links to brilliant and colourful gemstones which are perfect for engagement rings, that will catch anyone’s eye. On each separate page, you will find the main characteristics of these gemstones, including things like […]

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