Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties – All You Need to Know!

Throughout the course of history, psychics and crystal healers have used quartz minerals for for their many metaphysical qualities. Due to the versatility of the mineral itself, the metaphysical reach that Quartz has is vast and varies from stone to stone.

Understanding the Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

If you are interested in learning about the metaphysical properties of this beautiful and durable mineral, you’ve come to the right spot. If you want to read more about the Quartz mentioned below, you can find a cumulative guideline to the many forms of Quartz here.


Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties - aquamarine ring

Physically, aquamarine is a healing stone for the digestive tract and is believed to help boost an otherwise deficient metabolism. As a healing stone of the digestive system, it can also help eliminate illnesses caused from eating unsanitary foods or from bacterial viruses.

Emotionally, aquamarine is believed to balance temperament and calm those who suffer from short tempers. Aquamarine is believed to help an individual find inner peace by protecting them from negative energy, and thus, is also known to be a beneficial aid in fighting addictions.


womens stainless steel green aventurine ring jewelry

The physical healing powers of Aventurine are two fold. First, Aventurine is believed to aid in healing the heart and health defects associated with it. Primarily, however, Aventurine is a fertility stone that is believed to help enhance the ability to recreate.

Mentally, Aventurine is believed to be a beneficial aid in healing from emotionally inflicted wounds. Aventurine also allows mental clarity, allowing those using it for emotional healing purposes to forgive those that have wronged them.

Blue Quartz

genuine blue drusy quartz oval ring

Blue Quartz centers its physical healing powers to threat related illnesses. Those that benefit from the aid of Blue Quartz might find themselves suffering from serious health risks such as thyroid related illnesses to smaller qualms such as a sore throat.

Blue Quartz is also known to help mentally. Blue Quartz help with mental organization. Through its ability to help thought organization and metal fluidity, Blue Quartz also aids in relieving stress and anxiety.


citrine sterling silver stacking ring

On the physical spectrum, Citrine possesses the ability to fight chronic fatigue. In being able to aid in fatigue, Citrine is an ideal option for those seeking an increase in energy and productivity.

Mentally, citrine helps with problems stemming from depression and anxiety. This stone assists in being able to respond well to negative criticism and to feel as though the wearer is a part of a whole. Through its ability to rid an individual of self doubt – utilizing the powers of citrine can result in confidence and security that one may not have previously had.

Milky Quartz

milky quartz rings

The physical ailments of milky Quartz stem from its mental ones. Mentally, this Quartz provides clarity in life, particularly in solving seemingly impossible problems. Milky Quartz assists in leading an individual to the core of their mental anguish and lends them a hand in achieving  solutions.

Physically, then, Milky Quartz aids in dermal ailments, particularly acne that results from stress. Through assisting an individual with solving the problems that are stress inducing, Milky Quartz also helps rid the individual of the physical harm caused by the stress.


agate black onyx

Onyx is a stone that helps an individual with stamina. This mysteriously dark gemstone is ideal for individuals training for a physical competition or trying to achieve physically tiresome goals as it assists in building physical ability and strength.

Much like its physical attributes, onyx is believed to assist in mental strength as well. Onyx is thought to help one with their memory and/or cognitive skills while also being able to assist in strengthening ones self control.

Pink Quartz

rose quartz ring oval engagement ring natural intense pink rose quartz solitaire engagement ringrose gold

Pink Quartz helps alleviate ailments that surround the head. Individuals suffering from headaches or chronic migraines might look to Pink Quartz for assistance. Pink Quartz is also a comforting and nurturing stone that is often used to help heal an individual suffering from insomnia.

Mentally, pink Quartz helps an individual find inner joy and peace. It’s nurturing characteristic also helps treat new moms who suffer from post partum disorder.

Rose Quartz

sterling chic collection rose quartz and moonstone silver ring

Rose Quartz is a wound healing mineral. Physically, Rose Quartz assists in alleviating the pain caused by wounds and blisters. Even further, Rose Quartz is believed to help reduce the size of blisters and speed the recovery of wounds while obtaining minimal scarring as a result.

Rose Quartz is also emotionally healing. This light pink stone helps heal wounds of the heart and helps heal an individual who is afraid of love due to prior emotional pain. Rose Quartz promotes the ability of an individual to care for another.  

Smoky Quartz

cushion cut smoky quartz ring

As a result of being a naturally irradiated stone, Smoky Quartz helps heal the physical damage caused by harmful radiation. The extend of this ability varies but two possible examples where the use of smoky Quartz as a healing agent are something as common as a sunburn and something as devastating as chemotherapy.

As a brownish black stone, smoky Quartz is believed to help keep an individual emotionally grounded. This stone is beneficial to an individual who may feel a disconnect with their surroundings and/or with themselves and helps restore their ability to connect with both.


Important Note on the Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

We thoroughly enjoy providing our readers with the most in depth information we can on all things connected to wedding and engagement rings – this knowledge extends to the many physical traits of individuals gemstones and minerals, as well as their metaphysical ones. While we find the information fascinating and love sharing it with our readers, we are not doctors and, many individuals and cultures believe in the physically healing powers of crystals, it is still important to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist before looking to crystal healing as a form of alternative medicine.


Are we missing something? Have you ever had a metaphysical experience with Quartz? We’d love to hear your feedback! Post your Quartz related questions, thoughts or comments in the comment section below.

Are you interested more in learning about Quartz? Check out our comprehensive guide to the many forms of this versatile and beautiful stone here (link).

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