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Relationship Between Gemstones and Skin Care

Using crystals and gemstones for their healing and cleansing properties isn’t a new idea. The concept has been around for thousands of years. They’ve been used to protect against negativity, promote inner peace, and now, they’re being used to cleanse and protect our skin. Gemstone give off certain vibrations that work with the body to create a balance. Each gemstone reacts differently to the person based on their skin type as well as the body’s unique deficiencies.

Gem-Infused Creams and Oils

Rose Quartz Cream

As a face cream, rose quartz is great for brightening and reducing fine lines. It’ll help to bring you a soft, smooth complexion with essential oils. It also works to bring love and acceptance into your life since it works with the heart to attract love and acceptance. With it’s anti-aging properties, it also reduces redness and inflammation.

rose quartz facial cream

Amethyst Oils

With each gemstone, you’ll get a unique healing energy as well as a different vibration that will work to repair a loss within the body. Amethyst is used as a soothing relief from negativity, which can lead to reduced stress and less anxiety. It’s often used as a headache reducer since many headaches are the result of stress. Whether it’s a roller ball that can be spread directly onto the temples or a bath oil that can help you relax, amethyst is a great way to bring us back in tune with relaxation.

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Diamond Particles

Being one of the hardest gems in nature, diamonds are great for strengthening, brightening and exfoliating. There are nail products that can be used to strengthen brittle nails while there are other diamond products used in eye masks that will brighten the eyes as well as remove dead skin cells. Along with being the hardest gem, diamonds are a sign of success and wealth, which is a powerful energy to have for cleansing purposes.

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Garnet Exfoliants

While diamonds are tough abrasives, garnets are softer and less harsh as a way to scrub the face. The garnet is known as the crystal gemstone of passion and sensuality, which means it’s great for setting the mood in the bedroom, too. It’s considered a great way to set the mood when accompanied by aromas like rosewood and orange. For gentle exfoliation combined with aromatherapy, it’s a great way to bring wisdom and beauty into your life.

miessence garnet exfoliant

Wearing Gems for Your Health

Pearls for Balance

In holistic practices in Asia, pearls are used to treat many issues from infertility to heart problems. It’s thought to bring in positive feelings to anyone wearing it. Pearls can be used as a powder to treat disorders like rosacea, achieve glowing skin, or worn in jewelry to create balance in the body.

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Moonstone for Protection

It’s believed that moonstones help their wearers with protection against ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The gemstone combats ailments for the very young and very old. It’s been used for protection since ancient times when travelers would carry it.

moonstone ring

Amethyst for Strength and Peace

The purple gemstone can bring strength and peace to the person wearing it. This peace comes with the benefits to the skin since calmness and peace can combat anxiety and stress, which causes disruptions in the skin like acne. With the tranquil peace that amethyst offers, it makes a great gift for someone who has anxiety or mood disorders.

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Garnet for Revitalization

The deep shade of red is said to energize the person wearing it. Garnets provide a boost to the whole system, which can revitalize the entire body. When a body is revitalized, there’s an emotional peace and a boost in confidence that can have a strong impact on the skin. A person’s skin is often a reflection of their interior health and well-being.

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Rose Quartz for the Heart

Along with the promotion of self-love and acceptance, rose quartz has a gentle energy that promotes a healthy heart. This gentle energy can be beneficial to a person’s actual heart as well as their relationships. Unhealthy hearts as well as stress can have a huge impact on a person’s skin. Anyone wearing rose quartz should be wearing it as a pendant, so it hangs near the heart.

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Amber for Healing

The yellow, red or brown tinted amber is used to treat headaches as well as promoting healing, purification and cleansing. This can be terrific when it comes to skin care. When you purify and cleanse, you’re bringing out impurities that can be poisoning the skin from the inside. It helps to alleviate pain, too.

Whether you use gemstones as powder in facial creams and exfoliants or wear them to promote good health, which translates to great skin, it’s not a new concept since people have always used gemstones for energy effects and their vibration properties. Each gemstone has an impact on the skin based on it’s unique properties and the vibration of the stone itself.

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