What to Wear to A Wedding

What to Wear to A Wedding: Clothing Tips

Dressing for weddings can be incredibly challenging, especially if there isn’t a dress code or hint as to what theme the wedding may be for guidance. This is why it is important to understand a couple of rules when it comes to clothing for weddings.

Rule # 1 Never Wear White

The most crucial rule to abide by is to never wear white to a wedding. NEVER! Most every bride will wear a white dress for her wedding and you want her to stand out. This day is all about her, which is why she should be the only one to wear the color white, unless otherwise told in the invitation. In addition to that, outfits should be kept neutral at all costs to ensure the spotlight remains on the bride. If you were to wear a bright neon pink outfit with sparkly high heels, don’t you think that might draw attention elsewhere from the bride? If you think your outfit might draw attention to you, it’s safe to say you should pick another outfit for the wedding.

Rule #2 Venue Matters, When Choosing What to Wear

Another important detail to remember is to dress appropriately for the given location of the wedding. If the wedding will be taking place in a church or another religious venue, you should consider keeping shoulders covered and for ladies, something that doesn’t expose too much cleavage. Taking into account where the wedding will be held in deciding what outfit to wear will show a lot of respect to the bride and groom.

Rule #3 Dress for the Season

Something else to consider is to take into account the season in which the wedding will take place. If it is a winter wedding, consider wearing darker, cooler colors, like navy blue for example. If it is a summer wedding, try warmer, brighter colors such as yellow, and so on for other seasons. As a simple rule of thumb it is always better to overdress than underdress. If you overdress, so what! You’ll still look great. And by overdressed, we’re talking about heels versus flats, or wearing that elegant piece of jewelry versus no jewelry at all. Your outfit should still be neutral enough that it doesn’t take attention away from the bride. If you come underdressed you run the risk of standing out and looking like you didn’t try which is something you should always try and avoid.

Rule #4 Stay Comfortable

Last but not least, stay comfortable. Weddings can be long and with the reception afterwards comes lots of dancing and socializing. If you can’t breathe in your dress or can’t dance without your pants splitting down the middle, maybe it is best to look for another outfit. You should also try your best to avoid wearing anything that might say “wardrobe malfunction.” You don’t want to spend the whole wedding sewing a tear or always hiking up your dress to keep your ladies from falling out every time you move. This will just make the night long and unenjoyable.

Hopefully these do’s and don’ts help you out when deciding what to wear for your next wedding!

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