Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, you have the choice between your classic, traditional, white diamond engagement ring, or you can opt for a truly spectacular coloured diamond engagement ring.  From the links below, you can learn more about the different types of colored diamond engagement ring styles which are available.

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – If you want to make a truly romantic statement, you can purchase a pink diamond ring, which uses hues of rose and coral from some of the rarest types of diamonds on earth.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings – With yellow diamonds, you can choose from some of the softest or most striking of yellows.  This colour selection is definitely one of the more popular, as it can truly dazzle and beguile.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – Blue is such an interesting color of diamond, because it can be either warm and rich, with a summery feel, or it can give off some icier tones.  Like the colour yellow, when it comes to diamonds, blue once again truly does make a statement that is hard to ignore.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings – If you are looking to really make a statement, you could  select a black diamond engagement ring.  Some people are not even sure if a black diamond is real, but it definitely is.

If you are new to shopping online for diamonds, please have a look at our diamond wedding ring page for more information on the all important 4 C’s (cut, carat, clarity, colour), grading, certification, appraisal and  terms and anatomy.

Looking For Cheap Engagement Rings?

If you are looking for the best engagement for you, but are on a budget – fear not!  You don’t need to settle for something less than amazing, you just have to shop smart!  We can help you learn how to find the most beautiful, affordable, as well as durable styles of engagement rings.

Guide To Inexpensive Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying engagement rings on a budget, please check out our various pages, highlighting rings in certain price ranges.

Engagement Rings Under $1000 Dollars – If you have $1000 to play with, there is certainly more than enough of a selection of engagement rings to choose from, either made with real or simulated diamonds, or stunning gemstones.

Engagement Rings Under $500 – Check out this page if you want to see a selection of the most stunning engagement ring styles made using durable, yet affordable materials that will fit your budget.

Discount Diamond Engagement Rings – On this page, we have some helpful tips on the grading of diamonds, which can assist you in finding a low-priced diamond ring that will still look amazing.  So much so, that no one will know you spent a little less.

Manmade Simulated Diamonds and Synthetics: Find out more about moissanite, cubic zirconia, and  other materials that are used to replicate real diamonds.  These materials are often created in laboratories, and designed to look and feel just like actual diamonds.  Its a great way to save money!

Used Engagement Rings: Here we have many tips, as well as cautionary advice to assist you when buying a ‘preowned’ engagement ring.

Matching Wedding Bands For Engagement Rings – Are you looking for the perfect pair of engagement rings?  On this page we help you to find the absolute best options when it comes to finding two rings that go together perfectly.

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